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President HIchilema has not issued instructions to grant immunity to any persons facing criminal proceedings

Headlines President HIchilema has not issued instructions to grant immunity to any persons...

Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe says the Presidency has Not issued instructions to grant immunity to any persons facing criminal proceedings in Zambia for the purpose of subverting justice.

Mr Haimbe also the Presidency has not interfered in the Director of Public Prosecution’s functions in any way.

He says doing so will be against the Government’s duty to protect Institutions of governance and the rule of law.

Speaking at a press briefing Mr Haimbe says the Director of Public Prosecutions enjoys discretion in the exercise of her role, contrary to speculations that President Hakainde Hichilema can direct the DPP in the exercise of her functions.

And the Justice Minister has urged the Judicial Complaints Commission to expedite consideration of complaints before it against the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Mr Haimbe said this will not only afford the DPP a platform on which to explain her actions but also to put an end to public speculation.

He said the Justice Complaints Commission’s mandate among other things is to independently investigate and consider such complaints with a view ultimately to redressing them in accordance with the law.

And Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya said Government is working to serve the people of Zambia in the best way and that it is not relenting on its promises.

Mr. Bwalya said there will be no sacred cows in the fight against corruption and that the fight will be done within the confines of the law while respecting the rights of suspects.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha urged the media to enjoy their press freedom responsibly.


  1. I know as a justice Minister you just have to say something, not that what you are saying is correct. In the first place, this embarrassment would not have been there had some individuals acted responsibly by not leaking a confidential document to the public. Term the cadres or else you will set the trap and caught in it yourselves.

  2. Why the PRESIDENCY and not simply say President Hichilema Hakainde? When you say The presidency it could include Edgar Lungu and those before him. Be specific so that there’s no room for either suspicion or unclarity.

  3. The Minister of Justice has said what he needed to say to stop unsubstantiated social media narratives poisoning people’s minds. It’s great that the ACC has also called the lie that its officers had travelled to South Africa to effect seizure of a property allegedly linked to Bowman Lusambo. Only desperate people would do such a thing. This convinces me that government is on the right track. The corrupt are trying to find freedom in the court of public opinion on social media. It won’t work.

  4. Such spins don’t work Milingo Lungu didn’t hold a presser to say what he said. So address your yourself to the Courts. Don’t waste our time

  5. Funny how people are really looking to find faults with shadows…………

    You won’t find any………….

    Not under HEHH ,

    his rule is guided by the rule of law……….


  6. We hav perused Milingo’s Affidavit, as well as an exhibit granting him ‘immunity’. he alleges he met with AG, SG, special advisor to President for legal affairs and DPP amongst others. We await to see the Affidavit from the AG and group and see how they will deny this. I speculate that there is some truth to this matter, and judging by how the DPP has been thrown under the bus, the others will deny any meetings and will find a way of replacing the DPP. She may be replaced and offered a foreing service job as a ‘reward’ for taking the blame soley on this case. Alas, we wait and see.

  7. Yaba this will go down as the worst Government in the history of Governments…..talk is cheap…and now UPND has become very attractive to the PF bandits… Bandit Kelvin Sampa has Joined his friend Moses Mawere

  8. I have gone over this story several times and there’s nothing to indicate that it never happened…. the media is there to inform and someone is s calling responsible reporting depends on which side one is.

  9. These chaps are joking, how can he issue instructions when he negotiated the deal in person? I hope the Court will have enough courage to subpoena him

  10. One day noble historians will document sad episodes afflicting humans on Earth. G. Bush & T. Blair deceived the world so as to invade Iraq; but Americans and British opted to forge on positive national development agendas. In South Africa the Guptas used Zuma to mount State Capture – and the Zondo Commission has unearthed depths of corruption. In Zambia State Capture featured during eras of Mwanawasa’s & Sata’s Govts; but ECL stopped the rot; yet the cancer is resurfacing under HH’s Govt (note resemblance of Vedanta = Guptas; and since when did SAVENDA specialise in supply of medical equipment leading to fate of PS Dr. Malama?).God help Zambia.

  11. We know that Mulambo Haimbe’s parents were descent souls. KK appointed General Haimbe as Managing Director of Zambia Airways whilst Mrs. Haimbe worked as a Secretary at Unza’s School of Agriculture in 1970s. However, we refrain to entertain a temptation to believe that God blessed the Haimbes with a son who is now mutating into a MONSTOR. Are Zambians witnessing an assemble of torturers?

  12. Everyone alleged to be in that meeting should be subpoenaed by the court for the truth to come out. The President is immune from being subpoenaed, you cant even get an injunction against the President. Judicial Complaints Commission should also subpoena these people to prove misconduct on the part of D.P.P.

  13. So when the President and Vice President consistently call on the “plunderers” to voluntarily hand over what they stole, what do they have in mind? Is this not an offer of a deal or immunity?

  14. Mu Zambia namo.You can really know whats true.Ecl and HH are two separate parts of the same seven headed dragon

  15. He came on a platform of lies. He will ever be a liar. A liar will always be a liar. He has no sense of shame. Even after being president, he has continued lying. Lies are in his DNA.

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