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Munir Zulu asks President Hakainde Hichilema to fire Christopher Mundia and Bradford Machila

Headlines Munir Zulu asks President Hakainde Hichilema to fire Christopher Mundia and...

THE African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) Zambia Chapter has challenged President Hakainde Hichilema to fire his Legal Advisor, Christopher Mundia and State House Principal Private Secretary Bradford Machila over their alleged involvement in the Drug Enforcement Commission and Director of Public Prosecution saga.

And APNAC Secretary-General Munir Zulu has bemoaned that the fight against Corruption is being dramatized.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka today, Hon Zulu said it is sad to note that institutions such as the DEC want to judge people through the court of public opinion.

Hon Zulu who is also Lumezi Independent Member of Parliament has questioned the rush by the DEC to prosecute matters that are not well prepared.

“Are they trying to cause Government loss of money by prosecuting matters that are not well prepared? Where is the rush?.
DEC is always on TV , Radio and in newspapers saying that they are fighting corruption. On the issue of the DPP having written a confidential letter to DEC, you cannot prosecute a matter when the docket is still held by the DPP,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hon Zulu said there is a need to interrogate the alleged corruption that is taking place internally in the New Dawn Administration.

He said APNAC strongly believes that there was a deal taking place between Foreign Affairs Minister Stanley Kakubo and the Chinese nationals with whom he was recently spotted exchanging parcels at SINOMA Cement.

Hon Zulu said this is because the explanation the Minister gave that he went to buy Cement does not hold any water.
He said manufacturers do not sell cement to individual customers unless wholesalers.

“The Minister should clear the air if he runs a wholesale,” he said.

Hon Zulu has since challenged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to tell the nation who was moving in a vehicle with a Chinese flag if not the ambassador.

“The New Chinese Ambassador is yet to submit his credentials to the President. Has Zambia become a country where anyone can move in a vehicle,” he said.


  1. How nice it would be to quietly investigate Lusambo without the public knowing only to see him in court with tight case against him. Not these CBS REALITY SHOWS WE ARE BEING entertained with.

  2. Hon Zulu, Hakainde would not listen to any piece of advice. He is always defensive.

    Let’s hear what he is going to bark pa press conference today.

  3. I don’t see the point in calling for the dismissal of 2 persons only as if they were the only ones that have been mentioned in Milingo’s statement. What about himself, his vice and the others? Don’t try to sanitize this scandal by such calls. Why not let the Court process proceed to conclusion? Nakachinda has been arrested for merely telling somebody what he thinks about him. Now cadres are issuing ultimatums to Mwami 1, is it different from what we saw under the PF? This is change that wasn’t. We just changed the players and this team looks like they’ll be worse. Brace yourselves for hard times ahead.

  4. Deja Vu – Please advise your mate Bowman to stop running his mouth …he doesnt do himself justice when he talks about issues before the courts.

  5. Who made this small kid Munir Secretary-General of African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC) this is the boy who was bidding K100,000 for Lazy Lungu’s hat at PF auction in 2017.

  6. Kansi Malnutrition is still there in Zambia bane? Cause this one thats attacking this boy is a heavy one-just look at how he is bluffing & hallucinating.

  7. Munir Zulu is a PF operative cadre. Ask another PF cadre called Andrew Lubusha equally in parliament at one point fought bitterly. Just because Zulu was not adopted by PF, with all that was stolen from PF resolved to become independent pm, its on his face book page. The big ask, is where did he get the money to buy votes in Lumezi District, this was common with all PF candidates, even used PF campaign materials while claimed independent.
    His pronouncements on corruption is all in disguise to avoid the ACC and DEC net. Remember, he said had bribed ACC official in one of his speeches in parliament.

  8. All Politicians are useless….all criminals…all liars…all crooks….you saw how Musokotwane was literally crying like a baby begging IMF….unbelievable….and the west is laughing at us with do mush natural resources worth trillions and we opt to bend so someone can give us from behind….

  9. The boy is always over rating himself and can ask the President to fire somebody, the strange thing is that the expectation is that these young boys should know that dismissal is not the only punishments in the statutes, but anyway typical cadre mentality, we have punishments like verbal warning, written warning, suspension. These cadres must have a reading mentality , all of them just pick dismissal not sure why we have such mindsets in Zambia

  10. There is nobody who deserves to be fired, you have been given constituency development money which you never used to see in the past regime, focus on work now and leave petty things behind please

  11. You can only feel sorry for the people who are being represented by such focus less young men, so if the two at state house get fired, do the living conditions of the people in your constituency improve?

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