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Copperbelt to hold a mining indaba next week

General News Copperbelt to hold a mining indaba next week

The Emerald Production Watch of Zambia in collaboration with the Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) will next week hold a one day Mining indaba on the Copperbelt.

Emerald Product Watch of Zambia President Musa Kafimbwa said the indaba scheduled for April 27TH, 2022 in Kitwe is aimed at highlighting to government some of the challenges of the Industry and to put forward some possible solutions to ensure the survival of the industry.

Speaking to ZANIS in Kitwe yesterday, Mr. Kafimbwa observed that Zambia’s mineral resources management has been very poor especially in the past few years.

“In a long time, Zambia’s Emerald mineral mining Sector has been performing poorly and there are very few mining companies that come to the aid of the people, we hope more mining companies can come on board and bring hope to the host communities where they do their mining activities,” he said.

Mr. Kafimbwa said mining companies, government officials and other stakeholders in the sector have since been invited to attend the indaba.

He said the mineral watch group is ready to help the new dawn government find solutions for the sector as the vibrancy of the sector will enhance improved revenue collection for government.

He mentioned that the players in the Emerald sector have for a long time been struggling with financial capital and equipment to fully operationalize their mines.

He said most of the Emerald mines especially on the Copperbelt have remained dormant as owners hold their mining licenses for speculative purposes due to lack of capital.

Some mining companies had in the past regime called on government e to remove tax on importation of mining equipment for locals and to help link them up with foreign investors who have capital to form partnership to help them establish their mines though none of the calls were attended to .


  1. And yet ANOTHER indaba, MORE empty discussions and promises, and once again NO ACTION! Ten years of PF looting government without any action on mining, and here we go again!

  2. You have too many ignorant people like “No Corruption Zambia” writing comments.
    Let me ask you, if you do not have discussions and meetings, then how do you get things organised. Leave you bush politics ideas behind. If you have nothing useful to contribute, KEEP QUIET.

  3. Talk even about safety in the mines, especially Chines mines.
    People die in these Chines mines but no news is reported on TV’s and Radio station’s.

    When someone dies at Mopani or any accident it’s all over the news !!!!

  4. PF cadres, remember falsehood is a crimina, offence ka. That law is going to apply to Newspapers aswell that purge foalsehoods including your famous “Lusaka Times”. I told you idioots , provoke HH at your own peril, the day he ll unleash is the day you ll remember your grandmother. Wait he hasnt unleashed at full scale yet-the man can cause alot of damage when upset-kudos ba PF keep on pushing soon you ll meet your fate and in braod day light, HH doesnt attack at night it ll be during the day for all to see and learn.

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