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People in a habit of propelling falsehoods risk facing the long arm of the law-HH

Feature Politics People in a habit of propelling falsehoods risk facing the long arm...

President Hakainde Hichilema has challenged the media fraternity in the country to regulate itself. President Hichilema encouraged the media to take advantage of the conducive environment created by the government by embracing self-regulation.

Mr Hichilema said this during the press conference held at state house yesterday in Lusaka, which has been held exactly eight months after assuming office as Head of State.

“We are thankful to the media and I hope that the media will take advantage of the self-regulation opportunity that we are offering,” he urged.

President Hichilema advised the media to get organized and seize the opportunity to regulate its conduct.

“Take advantage of self-regulation, it’s a side issue, comment on, organize yourselves, I am encouraging you,” he said.

He cautioned the media to refrain from publishing falsehoods as it has the potential to incite confusion.

President’s remarks follow a story published as a lead in one of the media alleging that He met Judges at the state house.

Mr Hichilema wondered why the formal media went ahead to publish falsehoods made by Patriotic Front Chairman for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakacinda.

The Head of State implored the media during his address to work closely with the government in curbing the spreading of falsehoods.

President Hichilema has since warned people in a habit of propelling falsehoods to desist or risk facing the long arm of the law.

Mr Hichilema said those who will come in conflict with the law should not complain when they are picked by law enforcement wings.

“We must work together to curb the issue, you are breaking the law when you misinform the nation, don’t complain when the law enforcement officers pick you. Because you are breaking the law,” he warned.

He explained that it is illegal in the Zambian statute for one to misinform or tell lies.

He urged the media to verify information before publishing articles so that falsehoods are not published as lead stories.


  1. Can one tell us what he meant when he said Zambia has accumulated external debts amounting to $38billion?. When he was in opposition and continued with the same lie when he became President.
    This Hichilema told Zambians that the coffers were empty when infact there was over $2.5billion?.
    Was that not equal to propelling lies to the to 2.8 million?.
    Infact he should be the first to get arrested for cheating his way to state house by promising Zambians lies.
    When you, as a president, think what you do to be right and you want to criminalise it when its done by priveate citizens. That in itself is a facet of dictatorship.

  2. Let them exercise their right of expression……..

    But be ready to prove it in courts if you are picked up………

  3. Sir, you cannot prescribe freedom of expression. Your party partly won because of disinformation. This is a double edged sword…it cuts both sides.

  4. This man is confused.
    “We are thankful to the media and I hope that the media will take advantage of the self-regulation opportunity that we are offering,”

    Is this the first time media is being self regulated?

  5. All those people saying UPND has failed can you stop that nonsense! Why do Zambians have such short memories? Have you forgotten that the Mwanawasa Administration took the entire term of office correcting the wrongs done by the Chiluba regime? Tekanyeni. The damage inflicted by the brutal PF regime of Edgar Lungu on our economy was too much to be repaired even in 2 years!

  6. GRZ and UPND administration needs to concentrating on explaining to the Zambian people their bill of rights and responsibility.

    As it is our goal to provide governance that are effective and considerate within all capacity, Mission and philosophy, applicable law and regulation we submit this to you as a statement of a policy.

    GRZ and UPND administration statement of Zambians right should be the first thing that you are address, instead of preaching to them.

  7. Declaring something a falsehood just because you don’t like the message doesn’t work. Look at Putin, he declares everything a falsehood while everyone knows he’s lying. Don’t become a Putin!

  8. Start with Koswe and Watchdog. I see you being caught up in the web of lies again, your presser was hollow.

  9. Yes………you can exercise your right of expression……….

    But be ready to provide evidence when challenged by the law ????

    What is wrong with that ????

  10. @ Spaka
    Whether he said manner was coming from heaven they the disgruntled would still complain
    Its not enough>> too little >> What back hand was paid>>> etc etc

  11. Hypocrite – You won’t silence Rapha the binoculars. Don’t decend into annihilating your opponents.
    Isn’t calling Rapha a lunatic a big lie a president can peddle on a Zambian citizen? How come your lies are more saint than other people’s lies. Didn’t you with impunity lie to the Zambians that the previous Government sold Zafico.
    The accusing fingure, one pointing at Rapha, four more back at you.

  12. He has the propensity to advocate for draconian laws at the presser.
    Don’t allow him to formulate any laws through his puppet MPs.
    He is a danger to freedom of expression.
    Our laws are clear.
    This is not your household h². How can you run a country like your house?

  13. HH just put it this way….if you’re truthful there’s no way you could have won the elections…falsehood propelled you to the state house

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