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Nakacinda denies defaming the President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema

Headlines Nakacinda denies defaming the President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema

Patriotic Front (PF) party Chairperson for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakacinda has denied defaming the President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema, in the Solwezi Magistrate Court.

However, in the second count of expressing or showing hatred, ridicule or contempt contrary to the Laws of Zambia, Mr Nakacinda has not taken a plea as consent is being sought from the Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP.

Appearing at a tight guarded Court, Nakacinda 43, who looked to be in high spirits, was ushered in around 10:40hrs.

Mr Nakacinda has been granted bail of K25, 000 in his own cognisance with three working sureties at 100, 000 each in their cognisance and one of them should be based in Solwezi.

Principal Resident Magistrate Tamala Kakusa granted bail and currently, the defence team led by Lawyer Noel Simwanza is organizing his way out.

He is set to appear for Mention on 31st May 2022 while a trial is pegged for 8th June.

Meanwhile, according to the Court indictment, Mr Nakacinda who is a resident of Kafue District in Lusaka Province, is said to have committed the alleged crimes from Solwezi.


  1. It is on tape. Politicians in developed countries actually go for coaching in public speaking. They also prepare before hand of what they are going o say at public fora. Stop being excitable when you are in front of a camera or a microphone. If you forget to do the basics; there will always be consequences after your uncontrolled ranting.

  2. It is my prayer that one of these people with diarrhoea of the mouth be jailed for defamation so that would-be offenders learn something. The Office of President ought to be respected regardless of who occupies it.

  3. Why in a tight guarded Court? Our Police know how to waste resources, Where will Nakachinda flee to? And who is gonna cause a riot for a dead party? Iwe Inspector Kajoba Think before you police

  4. Please remove this archaic law called defamation of the President. The president can defend himself and doesn’t need such a law to protect him.

  5. Hh who was against defamation laws is now using the same law to silence opposition. Disgusting liar. Hh is a thief. The only mistake zambia police and courts did was to pardon him for treason

  6. The chap is 43 but he looks like he is 60…eat healthy keep away from junk food and excercise regularly

  7. Razor i agree and i wonder why the the president is treated like the state here when he’s just a representative ?? Defamation is tort not criminal …this section under the penal code limits the extent of criticism on the president.

  8. This loud mouthed loose canon will put Zambia on fire if he is not caged. However let him go through the due process of the law for fairness but prosecutors must be sharp because the chap sounds a hard core. It appears it is just chaps who were ejected from MMD making a lot of noise, Mwakachinda and Bowman

  9. Can’t this Nakachinda find something meaningful to do with his free time….looks like he is enjoying the attention he gets once he is locked up….such a loser and HH also is just a demagogue

  10. Tiyali has shut up…………he knows when to shut his mouth…….

    This one and lusambo are too dull and need some jail time to realise PF is no longer in power…….

  11. Spaka – Tayali has realised that he is no longer a cat with 9 lives …during PF he had some PF contacts who could pull him out of the dirt because they would use him to attack either HH or members of their own Party and Amos Chanda.

  12. Should be tightly guarded because Solwezi is a UPND stronghold where Kabungo was butchered. If given space, he can also go the same way.

  13. Between Garry NkOmbo and Nakachinda who is helping HH to defend the Zamba constitution and who deserves to be jailed? Garry NkOmbo deserves to be jailed. Nakachinda is resisting wanton destruction of our hard won freedom of speech. In him, at 43, we see the person with relevant values to defend our constitution.


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