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Zambia and DRC sign Cooperating Agreements to Start Manufacturing Electric Batteries


Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have signed cooperating agreements to start manufacturing electric batteries.
The agreement which includes the clean energy sector will explore minerals rich in both countries which are key raw materials in the manufacturing of electric car batteries.

President Hakainde Hichilema said that the signing of cooperation agreements between Zambia and the DRC to start manufacturing electric car batteries is key to poverty alleviation on the continent.

President Hichilema said that the agreement has removed shame from Africa which has been known as an exporter of raw materials.

He said that yesterday’s agreements prove that his attendance at a DRC economic forum was the right decision as it gave birth to yesterday’s event.

The President however said the signing is one thing and emphasized the need to actualize the agreement.

Mr Hichilema says Africa has for long been viewed as a source of raw materials but the narrative is now being changed.
The President thanked the DRC government for staying the course and providing leadership over the initiative.

And DRC President Felix Tshisekedi said the two countries are home to at least 80 per cent of minerals required for the production of electric car batteries.

Mr Tshisekedi said Zambia and the DRC have decided to be masters of their own destiny. He said the agreement will create a value chain for the production of batteries for electric cars which will be key to the economies of Zambia and the DRC.

The DRC President said yesterday’s event was a good example for all African countries to unite and promote economic unity.

Mr Tshisekedi said Africa’s economic power will be advanced with such initiatives which will create jobs for many youths.


  1. Manufacturing bacteries requires a lot of electricity I hope you will have it and I hope you wont just call China man or Indians to come set up shop then give you causal jobs whilst they retain the management jobs.

  2. All eyes in Africa slowly pointing to Zambia. doom sayers on LT continue making noise,i enjoy reading your comments whilst taking my tea. Some doomer here will come & say but Congo has rebels & they ll start attacking Zambia. Well, we chinangwa we,why do you think we now ve an AFRICOM
    headquatered in Lusaka? From now on,we will go and invest anywhere we want – war or no war! From Dec after AFRICOM is set up me i want to open an in the Boko Haram region in Nigeria. Im not kidding.

  3. But im just afraid that we may become the new Isreal of Africa-colonising other African countries wealth. We recently just officially acquired a stake in the new Angolan National Oil Refinery and the minister spoke of eyeing the new oil discovery in Namibia too. Now we want to milk Congo for its rich battery resources. Yes we are second on to DRC but i see Zambia coming no.1 in processing the same as most companies will prefer to build their companies in neighbouring Zambia than war torn Congo. So they ll transport the mineral from there by trucks & process pa Zed. Eventually making Zed more than richer & quikily than it shd ve been if we used internal capacities alone. But who am i to judge.

  4. This is impossible for the resident LT PF rats to comprehend ……….

    Who are waiting for news from nakachinda, lusambo and kapaya kaoma…………..

  5. Similar to the European Battery alliance, this initiative between ZAMBIA and DRC create Industries around the 17 critical earth metals for magnets and other steel alloys in economic zones is a very good to restructure the export terms for Zambia and DRC in the exports of RAW critical materials inputs into electric and storage and long duration storage power for new energy transition However there is more to be done these our Congolese colleagues are way ahead in terms of supply chains presence and partnership across the key competing areas of India China South Korea Euro and including the US and Canada Signing and committing to creating and industrial ecosystem in electric Batteries…

  6. Its a Good Initiative but must require commitments and long-term like the elsweedy transformers between Zesco Zambia and Egypt Batteries are only also a component of Power End electrical mainly in storage The effort and event could have taken on other electrical coventurers and energy investments

    Its good if you know Energy Transition and Investments

  7. The European Commission launched the European Battery Alliance in October 2017 to address this industrial challenge. The annual market value is estimated at €250 billion from 2025 onwards. For Europe, the establishment of a complete domestic battery value chain is imperative for a clean energy transition and a competitive industry.

  8. We now need to start this process by the DRC Mining Minister signing off on the Mining licence for AVZ minerals (a member of the battery council)
    This will then trigger US$400m investment in Manano the largest known Lithium deposit in the world, which will supply materials for the manufacture of Batteries.

  9. There are issues of patents and technologies that can be solved through acquisitions and working with institutes like unza to create capacity it’s just beyond long durations batteries but also magnets lights screens catalysts and others The competitive and competition for the batteries and critical rare Earth metals makes our region to reshape the global value chains moving those batteries and catalysts economic zones to Zambia and DRC It was good to see our colleagues from Congo DRC to see the importance of changing the narrative from resources to value added to create employment and economies for the people of the 2 countries just recalled briefly but privately so

  10. Okay that is the point it requires both parties to buy in the India but the competition and money from India China EU and us in these resources for the raw for those batteries calls for long-term procurements and relations making the 2 countries Economies to look to but the current offtake agreements for the mines make a it difficult but it’s possible to have long-term exports restructuring startergies but it’s going to be difficult because the incentive for money is high in the short-term but it’s possible with leaders thinking country first

  11. The problem is in the detail and many contracts or offtake agreements to shift manufacturing capacity from EU east and west to these DRC Zambia economic zones it means altering the traditional supply chains It requires being more than individuals and seek for the Economies of the 2 making these 2 leading locations for chemical and electrical components zones of the world reversing the export of raw like it’s a comprehensive regional plan for the industrials and commerce also which is good for DRC and Zambia copperbelt but it’s more than the ceremony because of competitive interests technologies and need for patents and copyright including facilities I know our Congolese are as far as Canada with li cycle including American managanese but the nature of the demand for batteries makes…

  12. Okay it’s storage and energy transitions it’s detailed we have been taught these including the numbers and outlooks it touches the metals but for now

    Watching and reading the news the concept is good and people should love their countries and Investments in them that is the key and critical issue it’s beyond and sometimes it’s behavioural aspect seeing the potentialities in our economic Areas not to export always to sites that could relocate closer It’s like manufactured and assembled in Zambia and DRC Patent of …….

    Okay see you

  13. We used to have a car battery manufacturing plant in lusaka called Sims electrical manufacturing Tudor brand lead acid automotive batteries using lead from kabwe mine which unfortunately closed because it became too expensive to manufacture than just import the finished product. We need to look at production costs first as no one will buy those batteries if they are too expensive.

  14. 13  Napthali

    Are you Congolese by any chance……?

    Just asking because I fail to understand your English most times………..

  15. Tesla Nissan Benz etc they all have learning centers like Monash and in this case unza but the infrastructure must be in place for energy transitions to electrical it’s an investments so but we are likely to be with the Fossil fuel in addition rather than transitioning but the think is we need to transition to clear and cheaper ways Its a gov Policy supporting the transition and Investments in this reducing the risk and expose to only crude It’s the way economies are moving but you will still have some mix but this drive and thinking to add value to this must be supported the only thing is external interests to manage

  16. It’s about Finance or Capital Enterprise Innovation labour and Goverments not simply Trade and Investments ITS a good venture to startergise also on those markets in the EU China and US when you get the strategy right it may act as a catalyst for other industrials metals

  17. @Napthali: like Tarino said “Speak & write English pls”. Looks like you are speaking in French but writing in English.

  18. Jonathan and tarino you f00lish negros are not English. The English people own that language. You don’t see them telling their fellow English man to speak bemba. You dogs

  19. Stup!d KZ, I didn’t know there was a Chicago’s in London? I’ve checked out Google but I couldn’t find any Chicago’s around Belmarsh prison where you stay. I saw Edgar China Lungu the other day on his wheelbarrow round, he clearly doesn’t get much support from anyone. He was asking for toilet tissue!

  20. VERY GOOD move by GRZ, and Congratulation ! You just signed another MOU with Angola just last week, but the NAYSAYERS, still do not see those opportunities you are creating.

    They would rather waste time insulting others than encouraging and preparing for those business opportunities.

    Another opportunity, is how to legalize Kachasu (ETHANOL) for usage in both medical fields as well as for Vehicles, and also as Heating or electricity source.

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