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Contractors urged to consult local authority before embarking on projects

Rural News Contractors urged to consult local authority before embarking on projects

Chasefu District Commissioner (DC), Lufeyo Ngoma has asked organisations implementing donor funded infrastructure projects in the district to consult the local authority before undertaking such projects.

Mr Ngoma says seeking recourse from the local authority before organisations execute infrastructure projects help in stopping the construction of shoddy, substandard works.

He observed that some structures built in public institutions such as health facilities and schools are either shoddy or of substandard.

The District Commissioner was speaking during a Senior Management meeting with Heads of Government Departments.

He noted that some donors do not follow required specifications during construction of projects due to lack of consultation with relevant ministries.

And Mr Ngoma has also advised technocrats in the district to take interest on the construction works of the projects being undertaken to avoid substandard works.

He said with the K5.4 million part of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) that government has released, relevant technocrats must take interest and ensure that the district is developed through the construction of modern and quality infrastructures that will stand a taste of time.

“With the K5.4 million CDF released, relevant ministries should take interest to see to it that Chasefu is developed with quality structures,” Mr Ngoma said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ngoma has appealed to the contractors to expedite works on the completion of a 1 x 3 Classroom Block at Kauwo Primary School and a mothers Shelter at Hoya Health Post which are CDF funded projects.


  1. Why are you asking them……..

    Order them to consult the local authority…..

    That’s why foreigners are mining under your noses while you sleep………

  2. It’s not about consulting, its about approval. Local authorities must approve all projects, so that we don’t have every Tom, Dick and Harry doing their own thing. Apart from quality, we need to avoid situations such as building a bar next to a school, butchery next to a morgue, football pitch under electricity pylons, mine near a water source (Forest 27) etc.
    By the way what is the progress on demolitions on Forest 27?


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