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Government commended for allowing law enforcement agencies to operate independently in fight against corruption

General News Government commended for allowing law enforcement agencies to operate independently in ...

The Institute of Directors of Zambia has commended government for allowing law enforcement agencies to operate independently in the fight against corruption.

Institute president, Edward Kabwe says government’s stance not interfere with the law enforcement entities is a step in the right direction.

Mr. Kabwe said despite pressure from society for those in leadership to interfere with the fight against corruption, Government has allowed the institutions to operate autonomously.

Speaking at a media breakfast in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Kabwe also expressed satisfaction that the current Administration has been adequately empowering institutions charged with the responsibility to handle corruption cases.

He said empowerment of the institutions is key in the fight against the vice.

“We believe the new dawn government has been working on empowering the entities that are supposed to deal with corruption. We are talking about the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Drug Enforcement Commission, the Police and all these others. I think that has been the message from the government that whilst they set the tone, I think the bolts and nuts of fighting corruption has to be through the empowerment of the entities that are supposed to fight corruption,’’ he said.

And Mr. Kabwe called on the Institute’s members not involve themselves in corruption.

“As an institute, one of the things that we preach is accountability, transparency, responsibility and fairness, and fighting corruption sits at the centre of this. We want to extend this pronouncement to our members who are serving in roles of responsibilities that you are our ambassadors in fighting corruption,” he said.

The institute of Directors of Zambia will next month hold its inaugural Annual Corporate Governance Conference and Awards gala in the tourist capital Livingstone.

The event will be held from June 1st to 3rd 2022 under the theme: “Birthing a better future through good corporate governance practices in the New Dawn Era.”

The event is expected to be graced by Minister of Justice, Mulambo Haimbe.


  1. As long as their operations have been moved to Community House then they’re not independent, so what are you talking about? That’s why they can’t investigate Kakubo. When MCS moved RDA to State House & ECL maintained it there, we began to see road contracts dubiously awarded. The same is the case as we’re seeing only political opponents and outspoken critics of the great leader are being pursued by ACC & DEC. So instead of misleading us just the UPND Lumbani Madoda and continue to sing praises

  2. Another compromised institution that is trying to endorse and sugarcoat what everyone knows to be the reality. Do they not know that ACC is now officially under control of State House? And if this is the case how independent do you think these Law enforcement agencies are in investigating wrong doing of current govt agents and those close to State House? Don’t insult people’s intelligence.

  3. Better to keep quiet than appear to be praise singing. These are the problems that continue to haunt successive governments, such praise makes small gods of men.
    I don’t think there is a view that LEAs are independent currently. The President was more or less inciting these agencies to arrest people by mentioning names. He even went further to suggest that judges must find them guilty based on the President’s statement.

  4. iwe Ka Kabwe, Which country do U live in? Indeed this nation is gone to the dogs, What kind of directors are U? This is so sad for my country.

  5. As alluded to above, it’s more honourable to keep quiet when you have nothing to say.
    People will think one is wise when they say nothing.
    Don’t insult people’s intelligence.

  6. Is Kabwe living in Cuckooland with his own reality? Or is he looking for a job? Did you ever hear Lungu say he controls the police or the ACC? Never and you won’t hear HH say the same. However, ask Nakachinda and he will tell you who is sending police after him.


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