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Protect infants from being stolen, Lusaka residents implores UTH management

Health Feature Health Protect infants from being stolen, Lusaka residents implores UTH management

Residents of Lusaka have added their voice to the call by the family whose ten-day old baby was allegedly stolen by two University Teaching Hospital (UTH) maids to tighten security measures at the facility.
Barbara Mwape said  an interview that management at UTH need to seriously ensure there is tight  security at the hospital so that such an incident never repeats.

Ms Mwape said this is because as the biggest referral hospital in the country, many people depend on  the services of UTH adding that incidents of babies being stolen will instill fear in the citizenry and also questions the credibility of the hospital.

“ What if this is not the first time this is happening at the facility,” she questioned.

Ms. Mwape, however, explained that hospitals and health facilities have responsible and reliable nurses, midwives, and maids who work professionally but sadly the two suspects wanted to act as Good Samaritans in a bad manner.

Emmanuel Zimba of Chilenje in Lusaka said incidents of missing babies will make expectant mothers shun the hospital which he said was dangerous to society.

He called for action to be taken to safeguard infants against being stolen and ensure each infant is correctly matched with its mother or legal guardian.

Mr. Zimba charged that while infants and their mothers are in hospital,  the staff is responsible for their safety no matter where they are located in the facility.

He said government and hospital management should collaborate to protect infants from being stolen as such occurrences have devastating effects on the infant’s family and communities.

Police in Lusaka apprehended four suspects this week in connection with a ten-day old baby that went missing at the University Teaching Hospital-UTH on May 7,2022.

Among the suspects are two UTH maids, whose identity has been withheld.


  1. Those ladies stole somebody’s baby because of a K3,500 inducement, can you imagine what they can do if they were given an opportunity to be provisional liquidators of KCM? Or if they were requested to represent Zambia at the Mining Indaba? This is the kind of Zambia that we have created for ourselves. The greed for money has overtaken all morality. As women and mothers they were expected to have empathy on their fellow woman but they weren’t deterred. These are people that shout Hallelujah praise the Lord every Sunday in the Christian nation. Whoever cheated us that we were a Christian nation must be a big crook

  2. Baby stolen from UTH and nobody in management has been SACKED? Typical Zambian indecisiveness! Just like UPND government, nearly nine months in power, zillions of plans and announcements, but ZERO effective ACTIONS, absolutely ZERO!

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