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We need a University after hospital in our Region, demands Chiefs in North-Western provinc

Rural News We need a University after hospital in our Region, demands Chiefs in...

Chiefs in the North-Western province have appealed to the government to consider placing a university in the province as the next developmental agenda after a modern hospital that will soon be constructed.

The Traditional Leaders complain that they have been asking for a university in the province from the previous governments but that their plea has not been heard.

The traditional leaders made their request when they met Vice President Mutale Nalumango in Solwezi yesterday.

“We are paying gratitude to the government for the provincial modern hospital that has been given to this region, but we are also asking for a university even if it may not be now, but we want to table it at your office so that even as you go you remember that we need a university,” Chief Mujimanzovu said.

Chief Mujimanzovu further requested the Vice President to help them address some of the many challenges that the province is facing, which include lack of good road network.

“Even as we move towards the marketing of crops it becomes very difficult for our farmers to market their crop because of the bad state of the roads” he said.

He also appealed to the Vice President for government to find a permanent solution to the succession wrangles that the province continues to face.

Meanwhile, the Vice President has also appealed to the chiefs to be ambassadors of COVID-19 vaccination to help the province attain the 70 percent threshold that has been set as a target.

“Am appealing to you because you are so important in the drive for vaccination” Mrs Nalumango said


  1. There’s an urgent need for a skills training center to feed the mines. That can later be turned into a university. I propose that such a project should go to either Mufumbwe or Kasempa as these are lugging in development. Solwezi is getting too congested, besides it was poorly planned

  2. Not a very difficult request in fact the chiefs should insist on the next mining investors to put aside funds for a university, airport, clean water system. Not a big ask. They need to maintain the structures for the duration of the mining contract.

  3. @Ajatollah, is there anything you like? Sounds everything in bitter with you. Enjoy life and don’t commit suicides.
    Can you imagine a human being points at Solwezi as poorly planned? Who the fvck cares if Kasempa or Solwezi is even planned or designed? Seriously you creature don’t enjoy life.
    Planning the town of Solwezi…..

  4. Taking into account that in UK nearly every city of town has a University, this request by our Chiefs in Northwestern Province is valid. There are too many universities congested in Lusaka. In principle, every Province in Zambia should have at least one University.

  5. @Lembalemba, NW is not barred but it’s within their right to demand for such facilities. In fact you could argue that a modern university sponsored by the mines could decongest UNZA and CBU. Why is it such a problem for some people to see other provinces other than Lusaka or Copperbelt develop?

  6. The province provides most of the countries forex, why should it not being of the most developed? Give them the university, it’s their money

  7. Forget it guys South Africa is learning the lessons that Universities dont solve the country’s unemployment crisis. In fact they contribute because they are not practical.. Focus on technical colleges like the NORDIC countries and Asia have done. We dont need a university in each province not at this time to produce what? Graduates who want tiltes? Like Engineer so and so? What about Automotive Technician so and so?

  8. #7 Nostradamus, I’m happy that I have an ardent follower in you. Solwezi is town that has a main road with shops, a market and filling stations on either side. Even the trades school has no space for expansion. I invite you to a visit at any time. If you can’t join me then use some neuro suppressors, they might help you

  9. We need an integrated approach to development as a nation. It’s not just a matter of having a university in northwestern, eastern or muchinga. After all, we have too many university graduates roaming the streets.
    I thought our chiefs would have prioritised economic activities, such as revamping the pineapple industry in the province in order to provide employment and livelihood for the people of northwestern province.
    Otherwise it’s their right to demand what they deem important to them.

  10. University in the North West is a must. Even the so called training hospital was not supposed to be on top of the priority needs of the province. My dear chiefs i feel we need to put our priorities right. University should come first before the so called training hospital, after all Solwezi already got a general hospital. Education is a get way to meaningful development.

  11. Misled chiefs. What do you need a university for? It doesn’t help in development. As an underdeveloped province with great potential you need artisans, craftsmen who can build basic infrastructure. Thats how the copperbelt developed. If and when you require academic prowess you can always obtain it from Unza at little or no cost

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