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Chanda Kabwe appears before ACC for questioning

General NewsFeature GeneralChanda Kabwe appears before ACC for questioning


Former Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe has appeared for questioning at the Anti Corruption Commission -ACC.

Mr. Kabwe arrived at the ACC Head Office in Lusaka at about 09 hours for interrogations which lasted up to about 11:30 hours.

But when contacted for a comment on what Mr. Kabwe was summoned for at the Commission, ACC Spokesperson Queem Chibwe said Mr. Kabwe’s summoning was in line with ongoing investigations.

Mrs. Chibwe said she could not state what exactly the investigations are about.

She noted that the Commission will not issue a statement but will inform the public on what the investigation is about at an appropriate time.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kabwe ’s Lawyer, Sakwiba Sikota said there was nothing much during the interrogation.
Mr Kabwe was also accompanied by former PF Secretary General Davies Mwila, Acting PF Secretary General Nickson Chilangwa, former National Development Minister Alexander Chiteme and former Mines Minister Richard Musukwa.


  1. Strange.,..
    Why PF MPs accompanied Chanda who was or is simply a civil servant? Or is conclusion that Chanda Kabwe was in center of PF?

  2. Smells like a witch-hunt. I hope ACC are ready for this. If they bungle this investigation or they’re doing it out of malice then somebody must be fired to show that we’re serious about the corruption fight. The case of Chanda Kabwe reminds of how Sylvia Masebo was called from retirement to explain the procurement of the Beijing Jeep vehicles.

  3. He’ll be gotten. His lack of composure is indicative of a man that has not cleaned up his act. At PS level, you cannot be as careless as he was.

  4. Most of these PF cadres, even without interrogations you can tell that they were part of the grand scheme of looting. Just nkhope, can tell that there is something serious wrong here

  5. And most of these mphumphus are on these bloggs using names like Henry, Kaizar and other vi ma names. Round them up quickes and give them a fair trial but do your thorough investigations because the chaps you are dealing with are at another level

  6. #1 raises a valid question. Why would all these PF senior members including former SG go with him?
    He was a civil servant. Wondering why ACC allowed them to attend the interrogation. Is the PF doing this to make this seem like it’s witchhunt?
    DMMU’s only wrongdoing was making up disasters whenever there was a by-election and distributing food.
    A political tactic used by the PF to legally bribe voters. Whether they can successfully prosecute that is another story.
    As concerns the award of tender for face masks and why it was done irregularly, let them also investigate Dr. Pollen for the irregular award of flight services for students fleeing Ukraine.

  7. They won’t manage to bring us down. Hh wants to create one party state.

    I think some upnd thugs spiked my drink at the weekend. I gave been tulullaling since morning. You won’t manage me

  8. Really laughable…these PF senior officcals are so arrogant and out of touch that they escorted a former civil servant to ACC without any thought whatsoever of how this will look in the media. This is the problem with PF there was no separation of powers, everything was under PF even taxpayers money.

  9. @10 But what has changed? Its the same song with UPND. Im sure you saw the President appointing Permanent Secretaries. Permsecs are Civil Servants. What does that tell you?

  10. Is a civil servant not allowed to have friends who are politicians? Is there such a rule anywhere in our constitution? Civil servants implement politicians policy and worlk together. So it’s natural that they can form relationships outside of work. Your hate for anyone who associated with pf members will lead you to your grave sooner than expected. Full of hate. Fuseke.

  11. Is a civiI servant not all0wed to have friends who are p0liticians? Is there such a ruIe anywhere in our c0nstitution? CiviI servants lmplement politiclans p0Iicy and worlk t0gether. So it’s natural that they can form reIati0nships outside of work. Your hate for anyone who ass0ciated with pf members will lead you to your grave sooner than expected. FuII of hate. Fuseke.

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