BoZ says hackers attacked its computer system


The Bank of Zambia says on Friday that its computer system suffered an attack by hackers, which disrupted some of its operations.

“The disruption which affected some systems at the bank such as the bureau de change monitoring system and the website, emanated from a suspected cyber security indent,” Besnat Mwanza, assistant director in charge of communications at the Bank of Zambia, said in a statement.

She said the central bank experienced a partial disruption of its information technology (IT) applications on Monday.

The affected systems have been fully restored, Ms. Mwanza said, urging players in the financial sector to be vigilant as the incident may not be isolated.


  1. There is only one thing you need to do: just DISCONNECT from the internet! But no, we can’t do that because then the BoZ governor can’t use his WhatsApp….! Booohoooo

  2. Life under upnd government. Nothing is going right. We warned you about under 5s. Lack of experience.

  3. its time to scritinize your inner circle staff, its those that work within that would find loopholes and permeability in your IT and security and divulge info to outsiders for possible hacking; engage outside IT specialists to secure your system by signing MOU so that you know who to hold responsible when such happens; hope you have learned and have secured your system!…this shouldnt be happening to a cooperate entity as it ordinarily happens to individuals. THANKS.

  4. Don’t look so solemn madam, this is not an uncommon occurrence – hackers are always on the lookout for weak computer systems they can attack; just shield yourselves better.

    #plant a tree please.

  5. This is scandalous for a Central Bank. It just shouldn’t be … one is already one too many. I hope people have been asked to go home so that competent ones can secure the systems from that point on.

  6. This isn’t the kind of transparency that we need from the Central Bank. The topic for the day is how US$33.0M got out of the country to some nondescript company in China, that’s the news we want to hear from BoZ. We want to hear how they deal with people that call their friends at BoZ for personal favours like the issuance of bonds as leaked in a conversation between Kambwili and Mvunga. That will excite us not these useless cyber attacks that can’t be proven. If you don’t have anything of substance to say please keep quiet, we won’t bother you


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