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Sylvia Masebo Compound Residents in Chongwe cry for water

Rural News Sylvia Masebo Compound Residents in Chongwe cry for water

Residents of Ngwerere east compound popularly known as Sylvia Masebo compound in Chongwe district have appealed to government to expedite efforts to supply the area with clean water.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, Community chair lady Josephine Mwanza stated that the area only has two functional boreholes servicing a large population, a situation which she says has proved to be a challenge as some households are far from the two facilities.

Ms. Mwanza said the other two boreholes present in the area cannot be used because they supply water which is brown in colour.

She revealed that the two functional boreholes are located close to some pit latrines as houses are built close to each other with no space for such water facilities.

“Our homes are so close to each other and pit latrines have been dug close to the boreholes because there is no space where such facilities can be drilled away from our homes. This worries us a lot because we don’t know if the water, we are consuming is safe,” Ms. Mwanza said.

She called on Chongwe Municipal Council and Lusaka water and sanitation company (LWSC) to find a lasting solution to address the lack of clean water and good sanitation in the community.

Grace Tembo who resides in the area called for the construction of improved toilet facilities for residents adding that the current pit latrines in the area are likely to contaminate ground water.

Ms. Tembo said residents dig their pit latrines anywhere because the area is not properly planned.

She also called for more boreholes to be drilled to carter for everyone in the compound.

“We only have two functional boreholes but the problem is our compound is big with a large population. There are times when one borehole becomes faulty and the whole area has to depend on it leading to residents queuing up for water for the whole day. This kind of life is unacceptable. We also deserve access to water like other people in other areas,” Ms. Tembo said.

Ms. Tembo implored the Ngwerere ward councillor and the ward development committee to make efforts to ensure that they lobby for more boreholes to be drilled for people in the area.

Meanwhile, Community chairman Dixon Tembo assured residents in the area that Chongwe Municipal Council and LWSC are making efforts to address the problem of water supply in the area.

Mr. Tembo explained that the two authorities have since drilled a borehole to carter for part of Kabanana compound of Lusaka and Ngwerere east compound of Chongwe.

He disclosed that the Water resources management authority (WARMA) also took samples of water from the boreholes in the area which revealed contamination from some boreholes and residents have been advised to avoid using the contaminated water.

Mr. Tembo urged residents to be patient with the local authority in Chongwe as it is working tirelessly to address water and sanitation issues affecting people in the area.


  1. Chongwe local authorities “working tirelessly”…? Give me a break! Yes, the new villa area did get water and power IMMEDIATELY, but everyone and everything else is waiting forever! How about completing the Katende market to Kasisi road? That was started under president Sata, stopped by ECL, and more than ten years later STILL not finished. And the local bozos know NOTHING!

  2. And she is busy going around hospitals firing medical personnel for her own failures of leadership.

  3. Belinda has been MP for Chongwe for more than 15 years. What has she done for her constituency??

  4. Above image is disturbing in the year 2022 with the improvement we have made in Solar, rechargeable batteries and Portable motors, to subject our fellow citizens to this kind of Inhumane.

    Just the other day they were talking about lifting the president when is traveling outside Lusaka city. Which almost everyone agrees is for the safety of the president.

    GRZ and IMF what’s going on?

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