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Bureaucracy hindering access to CDF funds – Nkandu

General News Bureaucracy hindering access to CDF funds – Nkandu

Minister of Youth, Sport and Art Elvis Nkandu says red tape is delaying a number of registered cooperatives in not accessing the Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

Mr Nkandu says having observed the flaw, his ministry has since compiled a report and accompanying recommendations he says will soon be submitted to President Hakainde Hichilema.

He says his Ministry is , in line with President Hakainde Hichilema’s recent directive, proposing for revision of the policy and legal frame to access government empowerment funds.

Speaking during a meeting with Copperbelt province Minister Elisha Matambo, Thursday, Mr Nkandu said his office is alive to the fact that accessing the CDF goes with it a number of bureaucracy, existing policy and regulatory frameworks, among others, that he said are undergoing consideration.

“The President is alive to the existing barriers to accessing empowerment under the constituency Development Funds, Ministry of SME and Youth and Sport.

“ He ( President Hichilema ) gave my ministry an ultimatum to provide solutions and we have since done our homework to unlock access and a report will soon be submitted to his office, he said.

He lamented that new dawn government wants to do more but current policies and regulations by the former regime are prohibitive to roll out its agenda.

President Hichilema recently said there is a deliberate ploy to block citizens from accessing Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mr Hichilema charged that there is a deliberate ploy to block citizens from accessing CDF adding that he was aware that there are concerns relating to accessing CDF among stakeholders.

President Hichilema said the New Dawn Government wants equity when it comes to accessing CDF in constituencies.

And Copperbelt province Minister Elisha Matambo expressed fear that if barriers in accessing the CDF funds remain unchanged , the disbursed CDF might return to the Treasury.

Mr Matambo told his Youth and Sports counterpart, that says his office called for a consultative meeting with principal officers from local authorities in the province to find solutions to challenges being faced by the public.

“ If the CDF barriers are not removed in time, it will be regrettable to see the funds disbursed under CDF are likely to be returned to the Treasury, ” he lamented.

The new dawn government has increased the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) from K1.6 million to K25.7 million per constituency.

Meanwhile, government says it will finance the completion of youth resource centres which are at 80 percent of completion across the country.

Disclosing the development , Ministry of Youth and Sports minister Mulenga said the new administration wants to use the facilities for entrepreneurship education, skills training and non-existent youth services.

He also mentioned that starting July this year, government will start empowering graduates from skills training centres with capital and working tools.

The Minister has also advised youths in the country aspiring to venture into agriculture to take advantage of resettlements schemes where government is offering parcels of land, equipment and input as startup capital.

“The new admissions does not want youths and women to only aspire to work in the formal sector.

“ We have added incentives such as equipping of tools, land and working capital to create wealth for themselves and create the much needed jobs,” he emphasized.


  1. Ati change haha . We warned you. I told you that this change was meant to create bureaucracy which is a breeding ground for corruption. This was deliberately done by hh. They will steal these donkeys

  2. Ba Nkandu, mentioning of former regime every time you fail to implement things is a sign of failure. Don’t Zambians are very foolish to be lied to every time. If you guys are not careful, you will be worse than PF.


  4. ‘He lamented that new dawn government wants to do more but current policies and regulations by the former regime are prohibitive to roll out its agenda…’
    No comment

  5. Don’t do away with good policies. If candidates are not meeting the criteria then the ministries should be working to get the candidates up to date with Terms and conditions. If pupils are failing exams, do you do away with the exams or tests then ??? That red tape is what’s keeping your sticky fingers away from the CDF. Stay away, better the money goes back. Which will be disappointing.

  6. The agriculture minister is worried about anticipated low participation by farmers this year. This one is also complaining about red tape hindering the participants to access CDF. Who’s in charge?

  7. It’s simple. We all want accountability. Accountability comes with conditions which our president and our ministers know about. The councils are being responsible by not accepting to have their arms twisted. Councils please keep it up. It’s interesting how the president and the ministers can turn around and accuse councils of slowing or frustrating disbursement of funds. Everyone one knows the problems associated with the coops in their current form. I am in a rural place and am a member of a coop. I know what is obtaining even with new coops. Most of them have dubious members and never hold agms and don’t even audit their accounts let alone produce a financial report. Let us all be patient and work on correcting this mess. There are some coops that are doing fine. There is an article…

  8. They are following procedure sir. These funds will have to be accounted for at the end of the day. Remember there is Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which tracks every procedure in accessing public funds given any misapplication.

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