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UPND cadres’ conduct amounts to intimidation and harassment of judges and magistrates

Columns UPND cadres' conduct amounts to intimidation and harassment of judges and magistrates

By Fred M’membe President of the Socialist Party

The UPND cadres’ holding of a press briefing at the court’s premises to call for changes in the judiciary amounts to unacceptable intimidation and harassment of judges and magistrates. This barbarism undermines the independence of our judges and magistrates and the rule of law in general.

Do they want our judges and magistrates to behave like Pontius Pilate who abdicated his responsibility, washed his hands and allowed Christ to be crucified, nailed to the cross?

Do they want to see legitimate, fair trials – with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty – of crime suspects or crucifixion? This is gross intimidation, threatening or blackmail of judges and magistrates which seriously undermines their independence. With this act, the UPND has seriously undermined their fight against corruption.

Let our judges and magistrates decide cases in an impartial manner. The way to achieve this impartiality – to allow judges to decide cases based on what the law actually requires, and on nothing else – is to ensure that judges and magistrates are independent, or, put differently, not subject to reprisals for decisions they make on the bench.

If judges misconduct themselves, there’s the Judicial Complaints Commission to deal with that – make your complaints there, don’t resort to anarchy.


UPND Lusaka Provincial youth chair Mr Anderson Banda
UPND Lusaka Provincial youth chair Mr Anderson Banda

Yesterday United Party for National Development youths in Lusaka called for a complete overhaul of the Judiciary. UPND Lusaka Province Chairperson, Anderson Banda said that the judiciary is a disappointment, looking at how it is handling various cases of alleged corruption.

He made the remarks when he led a team of party supporters in what he termed as solidarity with President Hakainde Hichilema, at the Magistrate Court where Bowman Lusambo, Raphael Nakacinda and Given Lubinda were appearing for various cases.

The trio had to be whisked away by police after their court cases were adjourned.

PF member, Raphael Nakacinda; who appeared for the defamation of the President’s case, to have his matter referred to the Constitutional Court, was rejected and as of now, the matter has been adjourned to 20th June for possible commencement of trial.


  1. These animals think they own us? It’s the other round. Unip had vigilantes but the people had the numbers, and the people prevailed

  2. These people think they own us. No it’s the other way around. Unip had the vigilantes but we the people had the numbers and we prevailed.

  3. This is good reporting by LT. A reader can fully comprehend why you have written the story and what Dr meembe is saying. It shows ba LT you listen to our comments. Well-done and keep it up.

  4. Their f00Iish president hh claimed that cadres were no more. We told you at the time that he was lying. See for yourselves. How can thugs be allowed to disrupt the rule of law just because a case has not gone in HHs favour. Let me meet these thugs in the street with my boys, I will beat them all up. Dogs


  6. But they say that there are no cadres. Where did they come from? Maybe they were pf and other political parties because as far as the upnd is concerned there are no cadres.

  7. Very awkward Mr. Mmembe especially that this Judiciary only saw fit to grant you back the Post after UPND and HH were elected into office. Mmembe’s views are etched in his editorials and the tribal stench that his Post left on the country cannot be undermined. This tribal rhetoric and fanning its flames led to the extreme polarization under Michael Sata with Zambia effectively split into two regional voting blocs.

  8. I think it’s being unreasonable to blame Judges for not convicting people. Sounds as though convictions must follow, even if supposed crimes have not been verified by hard evidence. Your duty as a Police detective is to gather evidence to prove a crime has taken place, the Judge can only act on your evidence – not read your mind as to what result you want! Examine the strength of your evidence, before fumbling your way to court; there are no quick fixes with the law.

    #plant a tree please!

  9. #11 Kamba. No they won’t but these hooligans can influence the appointing authorities or even launch physical attacks on the judges refer to Unip vigilantes attacking honourable James Skinner Chief Justice of the Republic of ZAMBIA

  10. The president was warned………….

    These tribal supremacists and their clique will stop at nothing to unseat this GRZ………

    There needs to be more discipline and boundaries for GRZ to gorvern effectively…………

    The president should remember that he is not at a SDA service ,but he is……….

    Faced with power hungery tribal supremacists who’s source of income from looting tax payers has been cut…………

    Time to get tough Mr President and show them who is in charge……..

  11. Their Matra is……….

    ” A tonga will never rule zambia ”

    Time to cut this cancer from their thinking before it is too late………….

    Mr president …………

    Throw away the kid gloves and deal with them if you are to do your work………..

  12. Power has gotten too quick to cadres under the HH led administration. UNIP had vigilantes, and UPND has thugs..

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