Lusambo hailed for an apology


A Kasama based clergyman has commended former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo for apologizing to the Head of State.

Pastor Chileshe Musonda of Mountain of Faith Ministries says the move made by Mr. Lusambo to apologize and seek forgiveness from the Republican President is a mark of true Christianity.

“Zambia is a Christian nation and the direction that Mr. Lusambo has taken is symbolic of a Christian.” He said.

And Pastor Musonda has since advised other politicians in the country to learn from the Kabushi law maker, and endeavor taking the route of peace for the sake enhancing development in the country.

The clergyman further urged the politicians to refrain from practicing politics of hate, but instead thrive on working together for the good of the country.

Pastor Musonda said this in an interview with ZANIS in Kasama today.

Recently, Kabushi law marker Bowman Lusambo apologized and sought forgiveness from President Hakainde Hichilema over the unjustified attacks that he had been making.


  1. Lusambo is a wiser and bigger man than hh. Hh goes to make a press conference to attack anyone who opposes him and then cries about how people are criticising him on social media. What sort of president has time to be affected by social media posts.

  2. An apology to the President does not take away Lusambos ongoing investigations on corruption. Those are two different things. The Killing of Kasongo in Luanshya, Thefts and other cases have nothing to to do with the President but with US AS ZAMBIANS HE STOLE FROM. This does not ease the asset recovery on his said. Pay us back

  3. Here we go these clergy men in Bowman’s pocket have started beating the drum for him…he can apologise all he wants to HH7 utimately he has to answer for his crimes, his inside men told him that Kasongo’s body has been exhumed by the Police. This Bowman and his NATO forces thugs have to answer for their crimes.

  4. Corruption is a crime against the people of Zambia.
    In court the matter will be referred to as “B Lusambo vs the People” and not ” Lusambo vs HH”
    No amount of apologizing to HH will let him off the hook.

  5. There’s life after politics. Self introspection is important and Bowman is wiser on this score. It’s regrettable that some novice politicians want to abuse him for doing the correct thing. Zambia is a nation full of sadists. I urge HH to accept the gesture from Bowman without prejudice

  6. Good move next shut up and give up your seat..the problem is that you stole but still want to square up with the authorities that was not smart your loud mouth wouldn’t have saved you

  7. Lusambo is not apologizing for what he is accused of but for those remarks he made about the president mixing cattle herding and running a country. Please don’t confuse things. His apology is in order. We do it in football when in s heat of the moment you react unreasonably.

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