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PUNGWAMANIA: Seems our politics has a tendency to repeat itself


By Miles B. Sampa,MP

Not sure which small chicken the big eagle from the sky intends to strike on but I have read this script or watched this baskop (movie) before. Seems our politics has a tendency to repeat itself.

2012 President Michael Sata-MCS (MHRIEP) was pushed by sycophants close to his office to ‘sort out’ not only some political opponents, but also some in the Judiciary that was seen to have been ‘bad seeds’ for one reason or another, real or perceived. MCS clenched his mighty fist and invited Judge Chikopa from Malawi to come and head a tribunal to ‘clean’ the justice system.

Turned out to be a big miscalculation made instantly and the tribunal hardly took off. It was interlocutory or preliminary submissions one after another before judge Chikopa’s tribunal could hear even one case. Soon there were injunctions upon injunctions against the tribunal and Judge Chikopa himself much to the annoyance of MCS and his inner circle. Then events overtook events and mwine filimu (main actor) became ill and the rest is history.

10 years later we seem to have part 2 of the same movie now code-named ‘Pungwa tasakamana’. The main Actor, inner circle but this time included in the annoyance with events out of the judiciary are the ‘praise & worship’ acappela singers. The corruption suspects and those in the judiciary perceived to be shielding them will be ‘sorted out by the pungwa’.

They will not see the mighty eagle land from the sky to lift them out of their comfort zones and take them above clouds (police cells or prison). The pungwa may actually have already landed on one political opponent uplifted from Lusaka through the skies to the prisons of Lukulu on the borders of Angola. The Bird is that powerful and fact remains undisputed from past nest holders.

Yes all those suspected to have stolen from public coffers or were masters of corruption should be prosecuted without fear or favour. Those found guilty should be jailed actually so as to deter those in the current and future governments from engaging in the same vice at the expense of saving the majority of poor and vulnerable in our society.

It is true that corruption in public service offices cannot be fought with kids’ gloves. Actually, in some Asian countries, it is punishable by life or capital sentences.

Let’s, however, learn from history and not allow the corruption fight to repeat itself in a negative way at the expense of the majority of well-meaning Zambians and all arms of its government wings namely the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature.

Unlike ‘Mpali ‘on pay channel DStv, ‘pungwa tasakamana’ soap is showing free on ZNBC and I like many Zambians, are watching with keen interest to see how and if the eagle will capture the small chicks.

Ultimately Corruption must be defeated in Zambia and so far so bad since Independence in 1964.

Author is an MP for Matero Constituency and Chairman of APNAC (Africa Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption)


  1. Miles chi color you failed as Mayor. How can you fail to clean even one street. Promised free Wi-Fi that never was. Bus stations were hives of corruption and violence. There’s nothing you can tell us. You’re a proven failure. Your Uncle MCS would’ve been disappointed with you.

  2. Apart from corruption there’s a new scourge whereby some think that if you served in the past then you don’t have the right to comment on matters of national importance. It’s mischievous to think that those that occupy public office now are clean and infallible. Many took up office with very soiled hands. One person can’t fight corruption

  3. # 2 Ayatollah PF was a Mafia organization. That wasn’t corruption it was take and destroy.

  4. William banda why can’t you be proud of your tribe and blog under your tribal name iwe chi hangantobo habulo. Fuseke!

    This is a great and well written article showing how foolish the upnd govt is to not learn from history. They want to please their support base by persecuting pf members. They then keep losing cases haha wasting tax payers money and enriching lawyers. Hh is very dull

  5. William banda why can’t you be proud of your tribe and blog under your tribal name iwe chi hangant0bo habul0 Fuseke!

    This is a great and well written article showing how f00lish the upnd govt is to not learn from history. They want to please their support base by persecuting pf members. They then keep losing cases haha wasting tax payers money and enriching lawyers. Hh is very dull

  6. It’s true democracy was not meant for Africans………..

    You give them western style freedom and democracy , abusing the system becomes their preoccupation……….

    African countries, if there are lucky , will get a strong dictator who is not corrupt.
    Those are the countries that progress.

    Those that have supposed democracy and freedoms will spend the whole year arguing about the constitution, arguing and laws, arguing and judiciary……….

    Development takes a back seat………….

  7. These useless chaps like Miles Sampa there he is writing all these articles about mines, about debt now about his uncle Sata appointing a Malawi…ask Miles where he was and you will be shocked to hear that he was part and parcel of the same history. Last time he was writing about how the current govt is failing to provide frontline services forgetting he was part of the group that flew Paris to get Eurobond and we are in debt today because of their recklessness 10 years.

  8. Look at the UK based Troll/Impostor – the proverbial idiom of the pot calling the kettle black quickly springs to mind.

  9. #3 William Banda, tell me which Party wasn’t a Mafia organization? I know of a William Banda that was caught trying to sneak into Malawi with bundles of cash illegally collected from markets and bus stations. He wasn’t a member of the PF but today he dines with the Great Leader. How did he manage to collect that cash?

  10. “I will fall on them like a tonne of bricks”. We have not forgotten these words said by someone who presided over the most brutal regime in living memory

  11. Judge Chikopa’ tribunal was corrupt to start with. Thank you for clearing that out. Now you have reminded me, i had forgotten about Chikopa.

  12. Who said h² is corrupt free? We know that the 90s where horrible and in their horribleness we find h² getting to help himself handsome through cuts and deals. Then by chance he makes it to the presidency. Not clean, we’re still in doubt then he places the hACC his his pocket. While still at it, he hopes all he deems in his own mind as corrupt, is corrupt indeed. Wait a minute, we have competent courts in the nation. With the courts, it’s not about perception or insinuations. It’s about the rule of law and true justice that is free from Executive interference. H² let the Judiciary be independent of you. Who said you ain’t corrupt, mortal?

  13. This writing is very bad. Is Miles Sampa dyslexic? How did he communicate with international persons as mayor of Lusaka?


  15. FBI approach. It is fair game to lock up a corrupt person for a much more minor offense so that those closest to him betray him or abandon him. Soon real confessions follow. the FBI plays these tricks. As for Bowman, the murder trial may not end particularly well. This is a warning to the UPND too, do not abuse office. These are just roles.

  16. Correction mudala Sampa. Eagle in Chibemba is not pungwa but Inkwashi. It is only found in the wild like in Luangwa, Lochinvar Luena etc. Pungwa which is found even around the copperbelt townships is I think, a hawk.

  17. Malawi can teach us a lot about brave justice. Zambia is an expert in bootlicking justice. Just ask John Sangwa who got hounded by a jaundiced Supreme or constitutional court for pointing out their lack of qualifications

  18. @17 OJ there are three tribalists operating here: KZ, Mutaware step aside and Spaka. Most of us suspect they grew up in very rural Zambia and have failled to adjust to cosmopolitan life like most of us forward thinking Zambians. They can’t identify another human being except by tribe. They are so backward. One can see even HH who grew up in the rural area has adjusted but some people are just stubborn goats

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