Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Chile one murder, Annie Monta appears in Kitwe Magistrate


Scores of Kitwe residents this morning thronged the Kitwe Magistrate court to catch a glimpse of the wife to late prominent Kitwe businessman Richard Mbulu   as she appeared for mention.

Annie Monta, 30, is alleged to have murdered her husband Mbulu  popularly known as  Chile One  on April 30th this year at their home in riverside Kitwe after a marital dispute.

Monta, who was brought in a private vehicle amid tight security by police in full riot gear, appeared for mention before Chief resident magistrate Chongo Musonda  who explained to her the charge of murder contrary to section 200 of the penal code chapter 87.

Magistrate Musonda  read the charge to Monta who responded in affirmative.


  1. In the book by Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Shalapo Cani Chandala equipped and I quote ‘Banamayo niba nankomesha ufwile ukubataluka, abantu twaba nge mbuto pakubyala tulasala, efyo naifwe fwe bantu twaba. Kwabako nenkakashi, namashilu, kanshi napa kuupa ufwile wasala ingánda yakupilamo.
    Our folks would advise like this on issues of marriage. Napita naya!!

  2. She should be set free and given a medal for the brave act she did.
    She saved Zambia by getting rid of a known gangster, how many lives did this this Chile 1 destroy.
    Set her free

  3. Bible says you reap what you sow theys no star without a scar you planted evil in women and nature of women is to multiply

  4. Why keep guns in the house most bought private guns end up killing the owners lam sorry for what happened Ian a pastor

  5. There’s one scripture that has really helped me in my life is don’t give room to the devil having guns in your houses it’s giving room to the devil that’s include suicide

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