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Hichilema accepts Global Cholera Control Championship

Health Feature Health Hichilema accepts Global Cholera Control Championship

President Hakainde Hichilema has accepted the prestigious appointment as Global Cholera Control Champion by the Global Task Force on Cholera Control -GTFCC.

President Hichilema officially accepted the prestigious international appointment at the World Health Assembly, in Geneva, Switzerland.

He noted that in the past month, Zambia experienced a cholera outbreak threat in Lusaka but the country recorded a low number of 15 confirmed cases out of 25 suspected owing to strong preparedness and immediate implementation of the multi-sectoral response.

The Head of state said there was no death recorded during this period.

He said the Zambian response was effective because the first suspected case immediately triggered a strong response that confined and contained the potential outbreak.

President Hichilema implored the global community to internalize the lessons of the ongoing Global pandemics that he said are teaching countries critical lessons about global community existence.

He said countries are intricately connected and when there is trouble somewhere, there is potential for trouble everywhere.

President Hichilema called for unity and cooperation as a global community.

The World Health Assembly is the decision-making body of the World Health Organization-WHO.

WHO Director General, Tedros Ghebretesus, opened the meeting, and highlighted the perseverance of countries and partners in maintaining cholera control in the face of COVID-19.

He called upon the participants, and the global community as whole, to continue their commitments to cholera control and prevention efforts.

The Zambian delegation was led by Minister of Health, Sylvia Masebo .



  1. Even if they are trying to limit a person coverage to poor African shanties and Asian poor communities this is not the way. The west rarely have cases of cholera if at all there’s.
    Some of these honors are not worthy spending our tax payers money to attend.

  2. You mean he has gone all the way to Switzerland just to receive a cholera certificate leaving the disease at home?

  3. It is my understanding that the President is in Lusaka, and that this award was accepted on his behalf by the Minister of Health. Manje this terrible reporting, yaba.

  4. @Justin Mooya: What did you think? That he was supposed to come your house in Zambia Compound? when the honour is in Switzerland.

    • Yes you UPND sycomphants will go out of your way to read between the lines to find missing words to support your leader. Read the article and you will see it says HH went tofetch his award in Switzerland. I haven’t made it up

  5. @5, the article doesn’t say the President was in Zambia. You cannot fault Mooya for wondering why the President traveled. This is the fault of this very terrible reporting.

  6. #6 – @Chiza Chirwa,
    The point is that the question it self about whether the president travelled was irrelevant. That guy @Justin Mooya, is one of those crybabies, who are against the president travelling.
    Fortunately enough, you packed him by you giving the information he was yearning for. and you saved HH from this chap.

  7. ECL fought more cholera cases and in a better way. Currently we have only recorded 15 cases though cholera is a disease for poor people like Tarino and his family

  8. They are keeping him busy while they restock their swiss accounts with your resources. We need to get our own house in order before venturing out to our global partners.

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