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First Quantum Minerals saddened by criticism from Minister of Lands and Senior Chief Musele


First Quantum Minerals (FQM) is saddened by the criticism it has received from Minister of Lands Elijah Muchima and Senior Chief Musele regarding its operations at Trident Mine in Kalumbila District.

During a community meeting with Lands Minister Elijah Muchima and North Western Province Minister Robert Lihefu, Senior Chief Musele of Kalumbila District advised the government not to issue a title deed for Trident Mine as the mining giant has failed to fulfill its initial obligations in the area.

This is after the First Quantum Minerals -FQM-operated Mine applied to the government through the Ministry of Lands and Natural resources to put thirty-eight thousand hectares for surface rights and five thousand hectares for township expansion on title.

Chief Musele says before the Mine started mining, they agreed on constructing decent accommodation for those who were resettled in 2013 to pave way for mining activities.

But in a media statement, FQM Country Manager General Kingsley Chinkuli said Mr. Muchima and Chief Musele’s negative comments had the potential to undermine the new spirit of partnership and investor confidence stimulated by President Hakainde Hichilema since the announcement of FQM’s intention to invest an additional US$1.35 billion in North-Western Province.

General Chinkuli said the mining firm met all legal requirements regarding qualified community members displaced by mining activities in Kalumbila District.

He said the people were fully compensated in accordance with the Resettlement Action Plan signed by the resettled people and approved by the mandated government agencies.

“Despite the challenges that are inevitable with any programme such as this, FQM believes its resettlement work at Kalumbila is a model for other companies undertaking similar community work across the world,” General Chinkuli was quoted by the FQM Media.

“First Quantum Minerals (FQM) has noted with concern the media reports of criticism by the Honourable Minister of Lands Elijah Muchima and Senior Chief Musele. The company noted the historic grievances that were raised but expressed dismay that the remarks had the potential to undermine the new spirit of partnership and investor confidence engendered by President Hakainde Hichilema since the announcement of FQM’s intention to invest an additional US$1.35 billion in North-Western Province made earlier this month,” read the statement from FQM.

“Through its Trident Foundation, the company relocated 597 households when it began development of its Sentinel Mine at Kalumbila in 2013. All legal requirements were fully complied with, and all qualifying community members were fully compensated in accordance with the Resettlement Action Plan signed by the resettled people and approved by the mandated government agencies. Families received an equivalent homestead with land title and were economically empowered. Subsequent concerns from stakeholders should be addressed to appropriate government agencies and the District/Provincial Administration,” FQM stated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Muchima during the community meeting said the government will not ignore the input of traditional leaders in making key decisions regarding development.

The Minister said the government values the input of traditional leaders as they are partners in development.

Mr. Muchima said the government wants local people to start benefiting from the natural resources.


  1. The problem with our chiefs is that they behave like children..
    They like telling lies each time there’s a new Government against the imediate former Government which long they were flattering.

  2. Obviously, the Chief has niggling feelings of being short-changed and needs assurance; all within his rights as guardian of the area & head of his people. These are the sorts of issues (potentially embarrassing) that should be thrashed out before commencement of operations! Meet the Chief and straighten things out.

    #plant a tree please.

  3. There’s a new sherif in town…………

    Belive it or not but the lungu lead GRZ insisted on paying directly GRZ money meant for social responsibility of mining firms………..

    These funds were stolen, used to pay PF thugs and other free cash handouts, there by ……..

    abrogating the social responsibility of mines in the process…………

  4. The problem with our chiefs is that they are greedy and very corrupt instead of getting and lobbying value for money policies from govt from these investors they just want to line the pockets…these companies should sponsoring locals children with scholarships to UNZA and CBU.

  5. General Kingsley Chinkuli , we are watching you and dont mess up this opportunity by FQM. If those displaced were compesated as you state, why is this chief comming up with such claims? Can you get together with the minister and the chief to resolve this mess, please.
    It is possible the money was issued by FQM, but NEVER reached the displaced people, therefore make it public how that money disappered,
    Is this another case of looted money like we witnessed last week with the 33mil of unfinished hospitals?

  6. I’m with the chief. These big business conglomerates think they can trample over peasant villagers’ rights. They will even employ, sorry bribe, some locals to speak for them. Watch out! Go see what has happened to heavily polluted Nigeria where locals and the environment suffer while foreign oil companies laugh all the way to the bank. Same in Angola and DRC. You need to be tough with so-called investors from the beginning otherwise they will just plunder you and walk away afterwards.

  7. Zambia is not DRC, Angola or Nigeria. Zambia is Zambia and we a back to what we are known for-Genuine people. So whoever wants business or attention with us must be genuine too or else go away!

  8. These chiefs are waking up very fast. Those criticising the chief must pack their bags and go to where these investors come from and see if they will be welcome with open arms. Europe is at cross roads and the solution for them happens to be in our own backyard. Let’s protect our natural resources and land for our future generations. All the chief is asking for is a win win situation and therefore we should commend him rather than being critical for selfish gains.

  9. Gen. Chinkuli has not made any reference to FQM’s own grievance procedure and instead passing the buck to GRZ. This issue is not new and how did they deal with it? General let a more energetic person do that job …

  10. It’s not in doubt that Kalumbila Mine is a big investment that requires to be harnessed by all of us. We’re at a point of no return, as such as win-win situation is ideal. Chief Musele has changed his position on matters surrounding this project several times. HH is the 5th President to handle this issue. There was even a time he claimed that he was forced to sign documents in the night. General Chinkuli can reveal a lot but what will he achieve? If Trident winds up that project these chaps will be the 1st to complain. The Chief is just being emotional and most of his sentiments are after thoughts. Muchima as a Minister must also tread carefully. He’s not dealing with squatters in some settlement

  11. Apart from resettlement plans, the best and longer term sustainable way is to let mining communities creates TRUSTS and become shareholders of some sort so that benefits can keep accruing to the communities as long as the mines are operating! This one off settlement will not appease villagers enough as long as they keep seeing mine workers enjoying their pay with no continuous development happening in the area!! From a Trust they can be telling the people how much of their money is growing and agreeing on development projects to carry out in the area coupled with Corporate Social Responsibility.

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