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The government committed so supporting local fertilizer production-Mubanga


Minister of Small and Medium Enterprise Development, Elias Mubanga has commended Capricorn Fertilizer Limited, for producing quality organic local fertilizer at a lower price.

Mr Mubanga noted that the government is committed to empowering such initiatives developed by Zambians, which will help reduce the cost of fertilizer.

He said his ministry was created to empower such innovations so that they scale up their production.

The minister said this today, when he visited Capricorn Fertilizer, an Agro Business company situated in Lusaka West.

He said if such businesses are supported by government, it is evident that there production will be scaled up and in turn help bring down the cost of fertilizer which is currently imported.

And Capricorn Fertilizer Limited Director, Lucky Kangolo said the company needs more finances to be able to produce more organic fertilizer and meet the high demand.

Mr. Kangolo noted that the company which currently produces about 60 tons of fertilizer per day intends to open up a new plant in Kasama, adding that if supported by stakeholders, the company can produce more than this.

He said so far 100 workers have been employed at the Lusaka plant and 60 more are employed at the Ndola plant.


  1. Actually the New Dawn Administration on course on fertiliser manufacture and am very optimistic that fertiliser will be timely available to farmers.

  2. The ministry of smalls does not have the capability to impact production of fertiliser because Zambia does not have a local private sector with the skillset to meet this demand. We are better off if government partners with private investors to build a large and modern plant with an output capacity to supply the region and beyond. Otherwise we will keep singing this fertiliser song.

  3. Look at the pf cadres asking “how low is the price” even we tell you, what will it benefit you? totally nothing! As you have no single clue on farming issues. But dont worry we will tell you the price of corruption when that topic comes up some time.

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