Parent ask for a boarding school for disabled children

Shannai Constructors workers working on a classroom block at the on-going construction works of a K45 million Katibunga boarding secondary school in Mpika District of Muchinga Province.

A 53 year old widow of Kashiwila area in Mufumbwe district has appealed to government to build a boarding school for children with special needs.

Idah Mutepuka, mother to 18 year old Geoffrey Kikunyi has lost hope to educate her son who is dumb and deaf as there is no special school within the area.

Ms Mutepuka told ZANIS that she cannot manage to take her son to a special place because the nearest is located about 8 kilometers from where they stay.

She expressed happiness that the government has set up special schools in selected areas but called for the construction of boarding schools which will allow parents who stay in hard to reach areas to take their children and still continue to do agriculture activities without worrying about the disabled children.

“Ok, I may want my son to start learning from this school, but daily movements from Kashiwila (8 Kilometers from the school), we cannot manage. I would wish that maybe the government could bring a boarding school for children like mine so that I could bring him and only be visiting once in a while,” she appealed.

She said that if a boarding school is provided, she may not even have to worry about Geoffrey’s feeding and basic needs as he will have to be enrolled.

Kyamwina primary school Special Education Teacher Edson Katoka appreciated Ms Mutepuka for her willingness to have Geoffrey enrolled at a school.

Mr Katoka noted that parents with such hearts are very few and should always be encouraged.

“A lot of parents with such children prefer keeping them home than exposing them to the world,” he said.


  1. I’m not for the idea of having disabled children be separated from other children. Why don’t we look at equipping all schools with materials and teachers who can teach our disabled children. Might not be in the same class as other pupils but same school. Disability is a big enough challenge. If you add segregation and the stigma won’t go anywhere. Primary schools should teach Makaton to all pupils.

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