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Nails, hair of dead Lukulu girl go missing in Hospital Mortuary


Burial of a grade eight Pupil of Lukulu Boarding Secondary School Enah Siyawa who died in Chitokoloki mission Hospital in Zambezi district where she was receiving treatment has been put on hold by her family.

The late Enah, a daughter to Lukulu based Mbungah Music Artist Smash was brought to Lukulu district Hospital mortuary last evening around 22:00 hours with all body parts intact, says his father.

The family is surprised that , today on 29th May, 2022, around 14:06 hours during preparation of the body at the mortuary, they were  shocked that the deceased’s nails and hair are missing.

Mr Smash and his relatives have refused to bury the girl who died on 27th May 2022 until the hospital management explains where missing hair and nails have gone.

The family has also reported the matter to Lukulu police station.

This is not the first time where body parts of a dead person in the mortuary are missing  at Lukulu Hospital Mortuary.

Last year mourners reported of having their loved ones body parts such as flesh cut on the face and thigh.


  1. Sad development over there,M.H.S.R.I.E.P,therefore let truth of the matter be investigated and those responsible be brought to book without fear or favor,otherwise our brothers and sisters are in trouble.Its not good at all.

  2. This is bad and distressing for the family and the mortuary attendant who might be put to task over what he hasn’t done. Strange things happen in UPND strongholds

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