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Civil Service Commission keen on Restoring Professionalism in the Civil Service-Mumba


The Civil Service Commission has disclosed that it is working hard to clean the system by fighting off corruption and nepotism.

Service Commission Chairperson Peter Mumba said the commission will endeavor to see that sanity and professionalism are restored in the civil service unlike what used to happen in the past.

Mr. Mumba said this when he called on Masaiti District Commissioner Ennie Matutu at her office today.

He said the cleaning exercise in the Commission has resulted in the decentralization of the recruitment of health workers and the teachers.

He said that government is advocating for transparency at all levels so as to ensure all its citizens benefit in the recruitment exercise and that deserving candidates are expected to be employed in the system.

Mr. Mumba however urged the District Commissioner to work hand in hand with the Local Authority through Ward Development Committees to help address challenges such as accommodation being faced in the various departments of government in the district.

And Masaiti District Commissioner Ennie Matutu disclosed that the district successfully conducted the recruitment exercise without favouring anyone.

Meanwhile, The Civil Service Commission says the delegation of an important function to the districts to recruit health workers is aimed at actualising decentralisation.

Civil Service Commissioner, Louis Siandyabantu, said the decentralisation of the recruitment process for health workers countrywide will greatly benefit local people in respective districts.

Mr. Siandyabantu made these remarks when he paid a courtesy call on Shiwang`andu District Commissioner, Maureen Bwembya, at her office yesterday.

He disclosed that the Civil Service Commission is determined to implement and actualise the decentralisation of some human resource reforms in addition to delegated reforms such as confirmations and transfers within the districts.

He said the government and the Civil Service Commission are passionate about seeing to it that decentralisation is actualised.

“In line with the focus on decentralisation, the Civil Service Commission has delegated an important function for districts to recruit,” said Mr. Siandyabantu.

And Mr. Siandyabantu, who is head of delegation for the Civil Service Commission team that is conducting monitoring and evaluation of the health workers recruitment process in Muchinga Province, said the commission is pleased that priority has been given to the local people in Shiwang`andu district.

“I would like to commend the human resource recruitment committee in Shiwang`andu district for adhering to the recruitment criteria set by the Civil Service Commission,” said Mr. Siandyabantu.

He said this after monitoring and evaluating the health workers recruitment process in Shiwang`andu district in Muchinga Province.

Mr. Siandyabantu added that decentralised recruitment will help in retaining skilled workers.

He reiterated that the recruitment has been localised with a view to give opportunities to local people in the districts so that they can still stay in the environment they are used to even after being employed.

Mr. Siandyabantu lamented that in the past, some people from urban areas had been using rural areas as entry points but would ask for transfers to urban areas soon after getting employed.

He observed that this behaviour caused under-staffing in many rural health facilities, a situation he said will be controlled by the actualisation of decentralisation.

And Shiwang`andu District Commissioner, Maureen Bwembya, said the recruitment process of teachers and health workers was smooth in Shiwang`andu district.

“As a district, we are eagerly waiting for those who will be employed to start work in the various schools and health facilities,” she said.

Meanwhile, Shiwang`andu District Health Director, Gibson Mweemba, said the total number of vacancies in the district were 73 and 361 people have applied.

Mr. Mweemba said the selection of the candidates has been done on merit and in accordance with the prescribed selection criteria.


  1. You must be resolute in your quest to achieve that vision and we’ll definitely support you. You’ll face a lot of hurdles from many angles. Your attitude is very positive unlike Ackson Sejani whose Commission is on a mission to antagonize civil servants. You can’t achieve reforms when you’re at loggerheads with other players. He has brought so much negative energy to the service. By the time his term lapses he’d have left a trail of destruction. Unfortunately he’s a political appointee and as a cadre he sees every worker as a PF surrogate. Leadership isn’t about fixing someone but brining about success through positive influence. Bravo Peter Mumba!!!!

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