Find extra learning space, Mutati urges trades schools


Minister of Technology and Science Felix Mutati has called on Principals of Trades training institutes not to turn away students due to inadequate accommodation.

Mr Mutati said trades training institutions are overwhelmed with people applying for skills training because of the introduction of skills bursaries under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

He urged Heads of trade schools to be proactive and identify places that could be used in conducting training.

“We are aware that you are overwhelmed with enrolment numbers because of CDF bursaries, but don’t turn them away. Look for other spaces that you can use,” Mr Mutati said.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mutati was speaking in Solwezi when he called on his North-Western Province counterpart, Robert Lihefu.

He said institutions should also use available open spaces as some courses such as carpentry do not require a classroom for practical lessons.

“Let’s make use of open spaces in our institutions just like what our friends in the markets do. For carpentry, you don’t need a classroom, all you need is a table and tools,” Mr Mutati said.

He has also called on people in the region to take advantage of the available timber and venture into desk making initiatives.

Mr Mutati said the province has a lot of timber that can be used in making usable products.

Meanwhile, North-Western Province Mninster Robert Lihefu disclosed that Solwezi trades training institute has made 2,000 desks that is expected to address the shortage of desks in most schools.

He said the desk making initiative responds to the government’s call for value addition.


  1. This is what I asked the other day, what really does Mutati’s ministry do if not replicate the ministry of Education?

  2. Chiza these are ministries created to make jobs for upnd cadres. They even had the audacity to get rid of the ministry of religion then they wonder why so many evil things are happening in the country.

  3. Mutati is busy. Today he is talking about carpentry, tomorrow nuclear energy then sending a satellite to space. I forgot Postal services too. I guess he wants them all connected to fast broadband….hahaha

  4. This man is still in Solwezi …really laughable…HH7 is sleeping this guy is campaigning for his party.

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