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President Hichilema leaves for Eswatini


President Hakainde Hichilema has left for the Kingdom of Eswatini for a three days official visit.

President Hichilema is visiting that country at the invitation of King Mswati III, from 3rd to 5th June, 2022.

The President who is accompanied by Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Chipoka Mulenga and Minister of Tourism Rodney Sikumba left for Eswatini at Zambia Airforce Lusaka Base at 10: 50hrs this morning.

The President was seen off by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo and other government officials.

And Mr. Kakubo says President Hichilema and King Mswati are scheduled to hold discussions on bilateral issues focusing on matters of mutual interest at bilateral, regional and international levels.

He highlighted that the two leaders will preside on the signing of the joint Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) in the area of Tourism as well as the Establishment of a Political consultation Mechanism between Zambia and Eswatini.

‘’The two leaders will discuss issues of bilateral trade and regional security and integration, so that they can also have a portion on issues that affect the region. There are some pockets of the region where we are seeing issues of insecurity, we know the situation in DRC and Mozambique, so these are some of the things that the two leaders will discuss,” said Mr. Kakubo.

Mr. Kakubo said the MoUs is expected to strengthen cooperation and contribute to the development of various sectors of the economies in the two countries and how they will relate in areas  of trade in the next five or ten years.


  1. The president’s visit to Eswatini will relate to areas of trade, tourism and development in various sectors of the economies of the two countries.
    Zambians have been informed about the trip. Unlike former president ECL who went to to watch and picked a wife. We hear there is a Zambian born child. We await confirmation from his former political advisor Kaiser Zulu.

  2. Hakainde is a comedian, is he not the one who was condemning Edgar.

    Alya sana imo ine lekeni achinge

  3. Just look at these people at the Airport…thought this was a thing of yesterday…so nothing has really changed…just colors from green to red….how much tax payers money is wasted for Airport theatrics and and paying cadres

  4. Hakainde please get, that house that EDGAR was building in eSwatinni. Let it be sold and proceeds to go to government. Get all that Edgar has hidden there.

  5. Henry – You mean when Lazy Lungu went with Drug Dealer Findlay, The real KZ, Smiling fooool Freedom Sikazwe to go and party with half naked teenagers? He partied all night nd day in Eswatini

  6. When we visited eswatini with my boss and president, the f00Iish upnd monkeys went into anger mode. Today their fellow tonga is making a similar trip but they will sing praises. You see the mind of a tribalist monkey

  7. Time is now ripe for all Zambians to mature and accept realities of human life in this complex World. Barack Obama paid a memorable visit to Cuba for the sake of normalizing American-Cuban relations. Many Zambian academics lectured in Swaziland such that Manzini and Mbabane were their second homes. A visit to Eswatini reveals that the Swazi’s are a very friendly people. King Mswati has fond memories of his stay in South Luangwa National Park. Hence, HH’s visits will help bind the peoples of Eswatini and Zambia –and this augers well for our children. Let us avoid careless talk. International Trade and Tourism will help boost the economies of our two countries.

  8. Muna look at the number of down votes your comment has gotten. I don’t need to respond to you. The people have done that for me

  9. Why such a large crowd at his departure? And can you assure me those people will get back to the office after this? Is the president counting the number of unproductive hours around the entourage he has created?

  10. This Airport NONSENSE SHOULD STOP. MR President, Please is this the real NEW DAWN or PF in RED?. Next, they will start bringing Drums to Dance. Damn. Zambia will Never change.

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