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Zambia must strategically position itself to benefit from mines-Mwanakampwe


Central Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Milner Mwanakampwe, says Zambia must strategically position itself to benefit from the mineral resources.

Mr. Mwanakampwe says the global development such as the emerging electric vehicles presents an opportunity for Zambia to benefit by effectively exploiting its energy minerals and derive maximum benefits from global demand.

Officially opening the consultative stakeholders meeting on the review and development of the mineral resource development policy in Kabwe yesterday, the Permanent Secretary said the government through the Ministry of Mines remains committed to improving the mining sector.

He said the mining sector in the country has been re-affirmed as one of the key priority sectors expected to drive the country’s economic growth and transformation agenda. He observed that in order for the country to benefit from the mining opportunities there is a need to re-strategize the manner in which the sector is governed.

He stated that the government through the responsible ministry in collaboration with the various stakeholders has recognized the need to accelerate and maximize the benefits from the exploitation of the identification and potential mineral resources available in the country.

He added that the aspiration by the government to increase copper production to 3-million metric tons per annum in the next years is an opportunity for investments in the mining sector.

Mr. Mwanakampwe noted that other opportunities include the declaration of gold and other minerals as strategic and critical minerals.

Meanwhile, Kabwe Central Member of Parliament (MP), Chrizoster Phiri, has observed that currently there is a lot of bleeding in the mining sector. Ms Phiri said the policy that will be formulated should protect the national resources and the interest of the local people.

And Ministry of Mines Chief Planner, Mercy Zulu, said the policy being formulated will going forward set the tone in the mining sector.


  1. Mwanakampwe is right. But unfortunately we have a total failure as a mining minister, whose insight of mines and mining in general is completely lacking. Paul Kabuswe must GO!

  2. You have a strategically corrupt minister and president who sold our mines and assets for peanuts just to get kickbacks. Today he claims he is a self made billionaire. What an azzh0le

  3. @Kaizer sulu: Remember also she said Zambians and im this not so sure which nationality you are cos in PF you had a lot of foreigners including Lungu himself as he not Lungu but some Burundu/Rwandan refugee. Harry Kalaba is one such character-look at his accent and his attitude? Pure Kasai!

  4. must strategically position itself to benefit from mines-
    Bane stop bandying about phrases that seem impressive to the uneducated. Just tell us what is the plan you are suggesting. Dont throw sweet words at us. How are you going to position yourself. Explain this in simple language so we the citizens should start waiting and perhaps helping for your plan to work out.

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