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Fish farming business threatened in Northern province


Aquaculture development in Kasama township in  Nothern province is under threat as a result of limited fingerings in the area.

The affected fish farmers have bemoaned that because of the limited breeds of fingerlings, their businesses are now threatened as they are failing to meet their customers’ needs.

However, Kasama District Commissioner (DC)  Elizabeth Goma has appealed to the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock to allow local fish farmers to start breeding hybrid species.

Mrs. Goma  laments that fish farmers in the area are discouraged to continue with their enterprise because the current recommended species take time to mature.

She said some fish farmers have spent a lot of money but are not yielding any profit because the fish they have been allowed to breed is not profitable.

Mrs. Goma said when she visited Miracle Fisheries Company that even some youths who acquired loans to venture into fish farming might not be able to pay back.

She observed that in other provinces fish farmers are allowed to farm hybrid fish like the Nile Tilapia and the Niloticus species which mature fast and are profitable.

Miracle Fisheries Company Director Navit Patel said his company has the capacity to produce over seventy thousand tons of fish every six months once they start using hybrid fish species.

Mr. Patel observed that his company has invested Millions in the fish project but they have not realized much profit in the last eight years of operation.

He noted that the company which has created over 60 permanent jobs risks being closed up.

Mr. Patel said if his company is allowed to start production of hybrid fish it will even increase the number of employees and production capacity.

Meanwhile, Bright Mweemba, a youth who has ventured in aquaculture farming said it’s hard to manage the recommended indigenous species.

Mr. Mweemba called on the government to look into the matter so that a lot of people can be encouraged to venture into fish farming.


  1. “…….Mr. Patel said if his company is allowed to start production of hybrid fish it will even increase the number of employees and production capacity…….”

    The Indian does not care if zambian ecosystem is destroyed by hybride fish that might escape into our rivers……….

    Pleas do not allow the breeding of hybrid or invasive species of fish in zambia.

    Look what is happening in North America were introduced Asia carp are devastating local ecosystems……….

  2. Don’t allow hybrid fish. Surely they will escape and then take over. You want the same as what happened in Europe? There somebody introduced the North American lobster: it’s eating all the native fish and now they have a major fight on their hands. Not what you want to happen here!

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