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Investors urged to explore tourism potential during Mutomolo ceremony


The Mambwe- Lungu Cultural Association (MALUCA) has appealed to investors to take advantage of this year’s Mutomolo traditional ceremony to explore the rich tourism potential found in the area.

MALUCA National Chairperson, Felix Mulwanda also announced that this year’s Mutomolo traditional ceremony is scheduled to take place from 24th to 25th of June at the shores of Lake Chila in Mbala district.

Mr. Mulwanda told ZANIS in an interview in Kasama today that this year’s ceremony will be very unique.

He explained that the ceremony will have various stands to showcase some of the rich cultural practices synonymous with the Mambwe- Lungu people.

Mr. Mulwanda urged Zambians including those living in the diaspora to turn up in number so they can come and appreciate the way of life of the Mambwe- Lungu speaking people.

He said people coming for the event should also take advantage of their visit to sample the various tourism sites found in Mbala, Senga and Mpulungu districts.

He explained that the three districts have historical places and natural wanders such as the Lake Tanganyika which is the second deepest rift valley in the world and Lake Chila which is linked to the 1st world war.

Mr Mulwanda added that the areas are also blessed with Kalambo Falls, Nzunzu Mountain which has a highest pick for mountain climbing and the Moto-moto museum.

And National Treasurer, Lawrence Sinyangwe disclosed that the organising committee is in need of over K800,000 to successfully host the Mutomolo ceremony.

Mr Sinyangwe said the committee has so far managed to raise K90,000 out of K800,000 needed.

He has since appealed to all the stakeholders including business houses to come on board and support the event.

Mr. Sinyangwe also challenged youths in the country to take keen interest in learning the traditional ceremonies of different ethnic groups in order to have deeper knowledge and understand the country’s heritage

The Mutomolo traditional ceremony is celebrated annually by the Mambwe- Lungu speaking people to thank God and taste the first harvest.


  1. Don’t be think those brain washed upnd diasporans can turn up for a ceremony in zambia? Those f00ls have been taught to hate themselves and to only support their fellow t0nga ceremonies

  2. The problem with all those traditional ceremonies is that they’re all the same, copies from last year, and invariably poorly organized with lousy cold food, no parking spaces – so who is going to invest in that? Not me that’s for sure

  3. Thankfully the imposter diasporan from Belmarsh prison aka Stup!d KZ will surely show up with a couple of criminal cronies!

  4. @2 No corruption Invest in the ceremony and introduce the dynamics you are suggesting. Or are you wanting Europeans to intervene and tailor make traditional ceremonies for you? They can and you will be crying about cultural imperialism

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