Two health posts in Kaoma constructed with CDF funds completed


The government has completed the construction of two health posts and a market shelter all valued at K600,000 in Kaoma Central Constituency under the 2020/2021 Constituency Development Fund(CDF).

The health posts and market shelter have since been handed over to the community for use.

One health post was constructed in Namaloba Ward at Namimbwe, while the other and market shelter is in Chilombo Ward at Chilombo.

Due to the absence of a health facility, People of Chilombo and Namimbwe were traveling over 10 kilometers in the night to access health services at the District Hospital.

The health posts will cater for over 1500 people in both Chilombo and Namimbwe wards.

At Chilombo, Marketeers sold their merchandise in an open space without toilets causing a health hazard on both the buyer and the seller.

The market shelter will cater for over 40 Marketeers around Chilombo and surrounding areas.

Speaking during the handover ceremony Kaoma Central Member of Parliament, Morgan Sitwala stated that the construction of the health post was clear testimony of President Hakainde Hichilema to prioritize the right to provide basic health services to all citizens.

Brigadier General Sitwala said there is an assurance of a better service as there should be no excuse from health workers not to offer the much needed service to the community.

“The increment of CDF will eradicate health facilities backlog and the financial hardships the people of Namimbwe and Chilombo to hire vehicles because of the distances they were covering to access medical services and we don’t expect any excuse from health personnel but to provide the service to our people, everything needed is in place,”General Sitwala said.

General Sitwala commended the council for ensuring that the projects were delivered within the stipulated timeframe.

And Kaoma Town Council Secretary, Raphael Kamanga said the health posts were constructed in areas where people demanded for the service.

Mr Kamanga disclosed that a total of K203,000 was spent on the Namimbwe health post while Chilombo gobbled K208,000 and the market shelter was built at K187,000.

He disclosed that staff houses were yet to be constructed at the two facilities.

And representing the user department Ministry of Health Acting Health Director, Lawrence Shabalala commended government for the construction of health posts as they will help his ministry bring the health services closer to the people.

Mr Shabalala said the construction of the health posts will help in the evacuation of patients to the District hospital because of the good communication facilities put in place.

He appealed to the community to jealously guard the facilities against vandalism before they are fully operational.

One of the beneficiaries, Anna Ngombo narrated how she lost a child who was very ill at home as she could not afford to hire a vehicle to the hospital.

Mrs Ngombo said the construction of the health posts will save life and further commended government for the gesture.


  1. Indeed projects initiated by Edgar China Lungu – but never PAID FOR because some PF bozo ran off with the money

  2. Thank you Stup!d KZ for reminding us on the projects NEVER COMPLETED by Edgar China Lungu, the worst president the country has ever had!

  3. This is a very positive news item. I can see the reduction in the cost of the health posts. Clearly, eliminating of the Lusaka middlemen has saved a lot of money for this community.
    Good utilization of CDF.

  4. And we even started yet. Wait untill all School Desks in all ten provinces are made locally. Wait untill all school uniforms are no longer made by baMwenye but our grandmothers in villages through CDF. Wait untill all new HOspitals & schools are constructed by a bricklayer nextdoor that you know. Wait untill all feeder roads are built by only Zambians. Imagine this ripple effect what it intends to achieve. From this alone ,you guys dont need to look for jobs-think of becoming bamwine. Zambians will become the Arabs of Africa(where the whole economy is controlled and managed by locals).Never mind the mines you people dont even have a cent to rent an axcavator yet,so untill then. Cheers!


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