Saturday, June 22, 2024

Chief Nkana urges the Government to sub-divide Kajem mine


Chief Nkana of the Lamba people has called on the government to unlock Lufwanyama’s mining area for more investment by sub-dividing the Kagem mine area.

The traditional leader explains the move if considered can help create jobs for the unemployed youths in the area as well as contribute to the Treasury through revenue collection base.

In an interview at his palace today, Chief Nkana stated that Kagem mine alone, is sitting on more than 50 square kilometers of land, can accommodate many investors if subdivided.

“ I am confident that many people’s livelihood are going to change for the better because of the President Hakainde Hichilema’s good leadership styles, “ he said.

The Traditional leader however lamented that his subjects haven’t benefited much from minerals because the bigger thank of high quality emerald deposits been given to only one mine.

Meanwhile, Chief Nkana has also commended Grizzly mine investment for its exemplary corporate social responsibility services it has been rendering to the community.

He said this in solidarity to a group of community members who matched to Pilala and Nsandawanu dumpsites to show appreciation to Grizzly company for its community services.

The traditional leader said Grizzly mine has been giving youths access to its dumpsites to pick some small remains of emerald for their survival which is not the case with other mines.

Meanwhile , some community members also paid a glowing tribute to Grizzly company for changing their way of life through the construction of schools, clinics and roads.

Olivia Nkagwa said since Grizzly opened the new mine in Nsandawanu area, the crime rate has drastically reduced in the as many youths are being kept busy on the dumpsites.

She further appealed to other investors around Nsandawanu not to disturb the operations of the Grizzly which has shown the heart of helping people.


  1. I agree with Senior Chief Nkana. A great injustice has been committed against him and his people. I ask Kabuswe to drive around Nkana’s village and see the poverty levels and the under-development. Baldwin Nkumbula employed a lot of local people but today people look like they just survived a long civil war. Despite the many years of emerald mining in the area there has been no benefit to the locals. It’s better these precious stones are left to rot in the ground than to continue with this injustice. Where does the money go? Many small scale mines have remained without production for many years because of a lack of support. If GRZ can spend even a million dollars on equipment for small scale miners it’ll change the outlook of the economy of this region.

  2. African thinking is so backwards……..

    Celebrating being given dumpsites to scavenge on ?????

    Those mines should be training zambian youth the art of stone cutting……….

    Instead of brining indians to do that……..

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