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HH dates Kenya tomorrow for state visit


President Hakainde Hichilema will undertake a State Visit to Kenya from 15th to 16th June 2022. This is at the invitation of Kenyan President Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta,

During the visit, President Hichilema and President Kenyatta will hold bilateral talks which will centre on issues of interest between the two countries.

The two Heads of State will also discuss regional, continental and international issues of mutual interest.

The bilateral talks will be followed by the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) between Zambia and Kenya in various sectors which will provide for the further consolidation of social economic cooperation between the two countries.

Prior to the State Visit by the President, Zambia and Kenya conducted the Mid Term Review of the Zambia-Kenya Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation in Nairobi,from 12th to 13th June 2022 in preparation for the State Visit.

President Hichilema is scheduled to return to Zambia immediately after his engagements

This is according to abatement issued by Foreign Affairs Minister Stanley Kakubo


  1. And this is the f00l who always criticised ECL for travelling. He is the biggest hypocrite. Many people i speak with are regretting voting for him. We warned you

  2. Well done President HH ,Kenya is one of Africa’s foremost economies in terms of GDP so enhancing cooperation is a win-win for Africa at large.Long live Kenya-Zambia ties.

  3. Iwe chi dirty troll Kaizar Zero this visit to Kenya will be great for trade especially our maize exports to Kenya have been a great plus for farmers.

  4. Laila Odinga, the in-coming President of Kenya is another Brenthurst sponsored puppet. It’ll be a gathering of puppets

  5. And the president will come back, service chiefs will show up at the airport, an announcement will be made that the trip was very successful and be beneficial to all Zambians – and we will hear NOTHING from it ever again. You are becoming a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT, mr president!

  6. #No Corruption Zambia – if you ELECT not to know or hear from this Kenyan visit by president HH, who are we to compel you to hear.

  7. Why do cadres become upset when you point out the wrongs by their presidents ( yes their presidents… because that’s what they believe). We saw it in MMD, PF and now in Upnd.

  8. HEHH continuing with the keep business and money in Africa to develop Africa drive…………

    The only way For China or the west to benefit from this alliance the president is building………..

    Is to move production and manufacture of goods supplied to the region into the region………….

    Otherwise, it’s business between Africa

  9. #Deja Vu – The attitude of oneself being a better cut above the rest is inimical with national patriotism. Constructive criticism is welcome but to fail to appreciate that there is free education in Zambia today is to fail to be Zambian.

  10. He has already landed here on the Kenyan soil encouraging his longtime opposition counterpart who is making his fifth attempt on the presidency.
    This time he has the government backing against the Deputy President William Ruto who fell out with his boss in 2018.
    Chances of winning are as many as they come.

  11. Mr. President, what about your outstanding visit to go an see Museveni? is that a ‘no-go area’ or what?

  12. # 12 You @ 5 ‘Nothing special’ is meaningless if you are discussing president HH trip to Kenya. Those who mourn daily on this platform will not appreciate any new ideas, new governance system of creativity, let alone to be in politics to serve Zambians. Zambia needs leadership that is being envied abroad aimed at serving its citizens with prudence. The trip to Kenya is worthwhile as one of Africa’s fast growing economy transiting to a developed economy. This will enable the two leaders share a win-win vision that has been missing with past leaders. So, the discussion is about president HH trip to Kenya to benefit Zambians.

  13. The point made by Deja Vu is valid. When we become blind followers and agree with everything our leaders do is not just a disservice to the countless and voiceless in rural Zambia but our future. In this day of virtual conferencing the president can’t sit in his office and engage with his counterparts? What is the purpose of those secure channels Mr. President? Ikaleniko panshi bakateka twapapata.

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