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Zambians urged to put the country’s interest first

General News Zambians urged to put the country’s interest first

As First Republican President Kenneth David Kaunda marks one year on June 17 since his death, Senior citizens and freedom fighters in Chinsali are asking Zambians to be patriotic and contribute positively towards this nation’s economic development.

The Senior citizens have reiterated the need for the Zambian citizens to put the interest of the country first and promote love and peace.

They suggest that citizens should therefore to take a leaf from the conduct of the fore fathers whose love for the country motivated them to work together for a common goal.

Among these senior citizens is Mukuka Chifwamba of Chandamali who in an interview said the late First Republican President Kenneth David Kaunda and his team were selfless and with love at heart for humanity.

Mr Chimfwamba said that this country’s fore fathers detested corruption the reason why it was possible to achieve what they achieved in various sectors of the economy just few years after independence.

“Almost all the leaders who were in the forefront fighting for our independence including those who formed part of the first Cabinet of Dr. Kaunda after independence are no more but there is something that we can learn from these people and that is there selfless leadership and desire to unity the Zambian citizens, ” said Mr. Chifwamba.

Mr. Chifwamba who was once taught by Dr. Kaunda at Lubwa mission in the early 1950s in Standards Six Lower, says right from his teaching days, Dr. Kaunda who was later to become the President of Zambia, never tolerated nonsense.

Dr. Kaunda was a principled man who wanted things to be done in a perfect manner, said the Chinsali based elder citizen adding that it is important that every citizen works hard to contribute positively towards the economic development of the country.

The senior citizen says in unity there is a lot that Zambians can do to grow the economy and make Zambia prosper again.

“In unity we can achieve a lot and I want to appeal to every Zambian citizens to put in his or her best in making Zambia a better country, said Mr. Chifwamba.

And 86 year old Rodwell Mwansabamba, a freedom fighter also of Chandamali village in the Chinsali , called on Zambians to love one another and promote peace and unity in the country as late Dr. Kaunda did.

Mr. Mwansabamba says no Zambian national should be stigmatised on the basis of tribe, colour, creed or belief.

Mr. Mwansabamba said late Dr. Kaunda preached love and peace and in order to honour him, it is important that there is love and peace in the country.

He says no one should be allowed to divide the Zambian citizens on political divides saying citizens should continue being united and working together to make Zambia a better country for everyone.

“No one should be allowed to divide us. Despite our political affiliations, beliefs, colour and creed, we should work together as a team to develop our country, ” said Mwansabamba.

Dr. Kaunda, founding President of Zambia died on June 17 at Maina Soko medical centre in Lusaka where he was admitted after an illness.

The world community mourned the country’s first Republican President describing him as a liberation icon.

Dr. Kaunda was buried in Lusaka at the presidential burial ground on July 7,2021 after all the 10 provincial centres were accorded a chance to view his body and pay their last respects.


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