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Civic leader calls for full of the relaunched keep Zambia clean campaign


UPND Zimba Ward Councillor Annie Mutunda has urged residents in her ward to abide by President Hakainde Hichilema’s recent advice to ensure cleanliness at their homes and their surroundings.

Ms Mutunda says it is important for residents in her ward to ensure that they remained committed to promoting and maintaining a clean, healthy, safe living and working environment to foster prosperity not only in the ward, Zimba Town but the country as a whole.

Speaking when she made a donation of two bins at Zimba main market, the civic leader said the donation is in line with the Republican President’s call for Zambian citizens to take responsibility to clean their environment.

She said cleaning of the market should not be left to the council alone but all stakeholders such as marketeers and their customers.

Stressing that the make Zambia clean, green and health campaign initiative should be embraced by everyone, said Ms. Mutunda said President Hichilema’s call for all Zambians to participate in the campaign should be seriously heeded to by purchasing the litre bins.

“I’ve heeded to the President’s call who is reminding us citizens to always take responsibility in keeping our surroundings clean.

“ A in small way, l have donated these two drums (bins) at Zimba main market where the marketeers will be putting in garbage,” Ms. Mutunda said.

The Civic leader however bemoaned that cleaning of premises, public places and community surroundings still remains a challenge in the district.

The councillor has since called for mind-set change among the residents if the fight of eradicating garbage in public places can be won.

“ I call for a mind-set change among people even you marketeers if this market, district and Zambia at large is to become a clean, green and health country, “ she said.

During the launch in April this year of the keep Zambia clean and healthy, President Hakainde Hichilema stated that the keep Zambia clean campaign is for all Zambians to make cities, towns, villages, public institutions and places clean and ensure health standards for all.

It is from this score that government deliberately has adopted a cleaning exercise at the end of every month where workers including marketeers clean their surroundings as a way of promoting good hygiene standards of ridding off garbage.


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