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Sikota Wina was an accomplished politician whom Zambians must emulate


President Hakainde Hichilema has described the late freedom fighter and former cabinet minister, Sikota Wina as an accomplished politician whom Zambians must emulate.

ZANIS reports that Mr Hichilema says the late freedom fighter was a true patriot, Statesman and an icon of peace in the country.

He said Mr Wina was a true gallant son of the soil who together with other freedom fighters played a critical role in the liberation struggle for the country.

Speaking during the church service for the late Wina at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka, Mr Hichilema said the country has lost an eminent person who Zambians will forever remain indebted to for the great contributions and sacrifices he made.

“Let us continue to learn and emulate late Mr Wina for the huge contributions and sacrifice he made during the struggle for independence which has led to us enjoying peace and freedom today,” he said.

President Hichilema, who was accompanied by the First Lady Mutinta Hichilema and several cabinet ministers, urged every Zambian to learn and gain from the true patriotism the late Wina preached during his illustrious political career.

The Head of State further said he is saddened that Zambians are mourning the last man from the first cabinet of late Dr Kenneth Kaunda who together fought for the country’s emancipation.

He also urged Zambians to embrace one another regardless of one’s tribe.

HH with Former President Edgar Lungu at the Funeral Service of the Late Sikotra Wina
HH with Former President Edgar Lungu at the Funeral Service of the Late Sikotra Wina

And Former Vice President, Inonge Wina, who is also a family representative said the family has lost a hero who was a pillar and a fountain of wisdom.

Mrs Wina described late Mr Wina as a humble and dedicated leader who not only fought for Zambia’s independence but also for his family.

She has called on the current generation to emulate the spirit of late Wina who had put the interest of others first as opposed to serving his personal interest.

Mrs Wina also thanked government for the support rendered to the family during his illness and untimely death.

And in his sermon, Ministry of Defence Chaplain General, Henry Matifeyo, called on the Zambians to emulate the good values the fore fathers preached.

Meanwhile, in his tribute to his father, Wina Wina said his father was a selfless man who believed in putting the family together.

The late Wina who died on June 15, 2022 after an illness, will be put to rest tomorrow in Mwandi district, Western Province.


  1. Why didnt they burry him in “Zambia”, he betrayed luna maLozi cwale hasa shwile ubata cwani kuyo pumbekwa kwahae? Anyway, habamu lile onabao bahabo yena, luna nyaa lwa ungeka ngomatuma ku peluka ka nyakalalo kuli sila sa buLozi si timezi.

  2. The only father of the nation his exceIIency Edgar chagwa lungu looked and behaved more presidential than the under 5 hh. You cannot learn or buy being a leader. Some people were just born to lead. Hh is not a leader

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