Saturday, March 2, 2024

Civil Servants advised against relying too much on social media


National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia ( NUPPEZ ) General Secretary (GS) Nelson Mwale has expressed concern over the low levels of reading culture among civil servants.

Mr. Mwale notes that his Union is concerned that rather than obtaining comprehensive information in contained in the government’s yellow book for example, majority of civil servants tend to rely on social media as gospel truth.

He adds that some people have taken information from social media as ‘gospel truth’ because of not reading yet documents are there to be accessed.

Addressing teachers and civil servants in a meeting held at Zimba Secondary school today, the NUPPEZ Secretary General urged the workers against depending on social media for information.

“Civil servants please, find time to read some of these important pieces of legislation. It is helpful to read and understand on your own than going to social media where you will be miss-led,” Mr. Mwale said.

He argued that pieces of legislation surrounding employment and terms of conditions for workers are hardly read and comprehended by most civil servants.

Section 269 of the Labour and Industrial Act as well as the Employment Code-3 of 2019 contains articles on the rights and welfare of workers which should be understood and comprehensively read by any employee of government but apparently workers hardly read these documents.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwale who was flanked by Secondary School Teachers Union Of Zambia (SESTUZ) Senior Trustee Simon Lwenje, called for the decentralization of the Public Service Micro-finance Bank from urban to rural areas.

Mr. Mwale, says the Bank offers a minimal five percent interest which can absorb more government workers than any other financial lending institution in the country.

The Bank is allegedly only accessible in Lusaka hence putting civil servants desiring it’s services in an awkward situation.

The two union leaders promised that they would engage government through Cabinet Office on the matter so that the Bank can spread its operations in rural areas.


  1. When it comes to leaking sensitive Government information civil servants are the main culprits and that’s the reason they rely on it. Usually circulars are leaked before they’re even edited and consented to by their superiors. We have one of the most unprofessional civil service especially on such matters. But then most Zambians like to gossip. Even an innocent joke will be taken seriously and spread like wild fire. Even some media houses pick such stories and air them. Just look at how much noise was made when the Minister announced that all applicants over 45yrs of age had been disqualified from teacher recruitment yet that’s what the regulations say. So on this score I agree with Nelson Mwale

  2. Upnd relied so much on social media to remove the PF from power.
    Chiluba relied on the unions to remove KK from State House…. after that he killed the unions.
    It’s all Deja Vu.

  3. The Same social media which upnd claims helped them win elections. Soon hh will bring law to censure social media access. Ati new dawn haha

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