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UPND petitions Ndola City Council to explain land scum involving a Chinese company


The United Party for National Development (UPND) has petitioned Ndola City Council (NCC) to explain land scum involving a Chinese company, China Henan Guoji Group.

The ruling party charges that the act by the Chinese-owned company to sell part of the land located in the Dola hill residential area on Ndola- Mufulira road is illegal saying the local authority is the only agent of the Ministry of Lands (MOL) mandated to sale state land.

Speaking in a walk in interview with ZANIS , Party spokesperson David Zimba said the local authority has not informed the public what has materialised over the agreement.

Mr Zulu said the party in the area was shocked to learn that the Chinese company was now the seller of the said land instead of the local authority according to statutes.

“ To our knowledge, the land in question was in August, 2019 earmarked for construction of housing units under a joint venture agreement between NCC-China Henan Guoji Group and upon completion were expected to be sold to and the general public.”, Mr Zimba said.

Meanwhile, the party has proposed to the local authority to offer the parcel of land to local people to develop it and not allow foreigners to take charge of development of the area.

“The New Dawn government has emphasized putting Zambians first. Let the local authority correct the prevailing situation in dola hill,” Mr.Zimba emphasized.

Reacting to the petition NCC Public Relation Manager Rebecca Mushota has revealed that the project over a period of time failed to materialize after part of the land was encroached by illegal developers and matters dragged in the courts.

Ms Mushota discloses that from its recent sitting, the authority discussed successfully with China Henan Guoji, and agreed to sell part of the land which materialized into 90 plots demarcated which were advertised by the council.

“We have received complaints from the general public on the subject matter and the Town clerk is expected to meet them soon so that we can get a clear picture on what is happening on ground.” She said

In August, 2019 NCC-China Henan Guoji Group agreed to establish an urban Compound which would have accommodated a school, shopping mall and hospital meant to cater for the population in the housing development to sit on a 60 hectares which has not materialized to date.


  1. If someone is allocated land legally and for some reason they don’t want that land, they can either surrender that land without refund or can sell it to who ever they wish. Unless the piece of land was not sold to the said Chinese I don’t see any basis of the petition. In my opinion Mr Zulu has personal beneficial interest in this property. People should not abuse the status of being in power.

    • People like you are helping foreigners take over zambia………

      That is why we are proposing teaching Zambians environment and patronisim classes at primary schools………….

      To learn to guard zambia jealousy.

      Why should a Chinese company come and sell zambian land when it came into zambia as a construction company in the first place, not a real estate agent ?

      Try taking your black monkey ass to China to sell their land and see what will happen to you….

    • Spaka iwe cheecolor, why are you enjoying social welfare in a foreign country? You only agree with Upnd regardless of the level of nonsense. You allow foreigners to take our mines wealth without paying taxes. This land unlike copper is still here in ZAMBIA. Wabe taule.

    • 1.2 Deja Vu

      Ati land is still here…………?

      I did not think you are this dull….I knew you were dull , but not this dull.

      As the indians say

      “challo cha kawena, mali ya kamina”

      You remain with the land but the money is being taken to China………dum ass.

    • Busy giving away mines. Sometimes you should try to read the situation. PF were sharing land and it’s not a secret that Upnd members want to share land because it’s their chance. You don’t have to be a university graduate to follow the pattern.

    • A foreigner comes into zambia……….

      Aquires land on false pretense and sells it for $100,000 and leaves the country with the money………..

      You remain with the land , but zambia has lost $100,000…..

      Is that OK in your head ????

    • Learn to put tribal politics behind and the country first……….

      This is not about PF or UPND, it’s about foreigners woodwinking land from chiefs and local authorities and selling on that land and externlising the money………

    • Who’s talking about tribes here. That’s how madness starts. The issue here is not about politics or tribe it’s about telling the truth.

  2. I live in Africa’s number 1 capitalist country, South Africa, and this kind of transaction is the order of the day. Most property owners buy land and lie in wait for its value to go up and then sell it. Even your currency can be bought similarly. Zambia opted for this when it discarded socialism so you will have to live with it. Why do you think South Africa has failed to grab back land from the whites in Mugabe style? Capitalism wont allow it. Blacks in SA are learning that In capitalism the land doesnt belong to the people, It belongs to business.

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