Thursday, February 22, 2024

Changala, Msoni and others: Of “Nkotes” Attempting to Skip the Queue!


By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social Analyst

The other day, one of our much respected and influential daily tabloids, The Mast, carried a front-page story with a screaming headline – “UPND HAS USED, DUMPED PARTNERS…’s highest mark of betrayal, insincerity – Changala.”

The article goes on to report that Brebner Changala, a middle-aged man who fashions himself as a good governance advocate, has complained that “The UPND has not taken care to ameliorate or indeed repay that critical support that they canvassed prior to the August 12 general election. They brought many political parties, individuals and organisations on board in which UPND was used as a special purpose vehicle to remove the cantankerous PF.”

Changala goes on to give a catalogue of individuals whom President Hichilema or indeed other senior government officials have neglected to pay particular attention to, as if they’re some kind of demigods, chiefly among them – Sishuwa Sishuwa, Gilbert Temba, Linda Kasonde, John Sangwa, Trevor Simumba, and Fackson Shamenda!

In the same story, the leader of a lackluster or kantemba political party dubbed, All People’s Congress Party, Nason Msoni, is quoted as warning the UPND of sidelining people who fought with them in opposition.

“It is dangerous political assertion to trivialise the working together of the Opposition political parties by the UPND party. Dismiss the opposition political parties working together at your own peril!” Msoni is quoted as having written on his Facebook page.

This is a sheer case of rumblings of a clique of bitter and desperate individuals that feel the President owes them a favour for having contributed to the removal of PF from power, in one way or another.

What do we make of this?

We find this highly immoral and absolutely hypocritical! It is our utmost understanding that patriotic citizens are motivated to stand up and say no to any injustice or corruption such as witnessed during the PF regime, not by utter greed or selfish reasons, but a resolve to leave a better legacy for their children, and children’s children. Now, what is coming from the so-called senior or prominent citizens is disappointing!

Why can’t they take a cue from much respected and admired civil rights activist Laura Miti who observes thus, “What seems to amaze is the number of people that feel they should have jobs because UPND is in government. Which trenches? The point is you cannot demand a job. None of us deserve a job. What we should all expect when we have a new government is that they should improve the conditions for the majority. Improve education, improve employment. One person cannot say ‘I should get a job so that my family should live well’. We even have the general public saying ’that one was not rewarded’. Why should they be rewarded? The President owes no one a job. The President should appoint the best of us as citizens. Some of them never did nothing and just lived their lives but they are the best.”

President Hichilema walloped Lungu by a million votes! As US President Joe Biden once observed, it’s the young people that braved the odds to change the government. As such, the President must be in a hurry to reward them immensely by providing them quality education and creating better opportunities for them to create wealth for themselves and the nation at large.

Why do the “nkotes”, who are better off enjoying their pension or slaving away at their farms, want to skip the queue and get the Lion’s share when they’ve had their time?


  1. To be appeased for supporting a political party at the expense of commitment and service to the people of Zambia? Why honestly? Wrong focus batata!

  2. Hollow article as usual, just scandalizing people for nothing. Lets open up Zambia to agriculture every where

  3. The article is simple and straightforward. Why was Changala crying that Sishuwa, Linda Kasonde, Sangwa and the likes should be rewarded? Did they challenge PF because they needed jobs?
    They are equally challenging UPND now, does it mean they are waiting to be appointed by an incoming government?
    And about Nason Msoni, how can that man be seriously crying for a job? What did he bring to the alliance, 50 votes from his family and friends?

  4. Please sangwa is on record he said he doesnt want to be appointed anything he is happy as a lawyer…he was interviewed by mutubila

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