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Engineering Institution of Zambia says new PPP model will produce better roads


The Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) has said that the recent change in the financing model for the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway from Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) to Public-Private Partnership (PPP) will benefit Zambia with a quality road because the contractor has an interest in the outcome of the project.

EIZ Vice President, Engineer Diana Kangwa-Muya said that the public-private partnership model in road construction stands to benefit Zambia greatly with quality roads because it’s anchored on the contractor building, operating and later handing over the infrastructure to the state after the concession period.

When queried whether this will see better roads delivered compared to the already dilapidated Kitwe-Ndola dual carriageway among other roads that were recently constructed, engineer Kangwa-Muya feels the contractors will be compelled to deliver on quality because they will only recoup their investment once the project is delivered to standard.

She added that while the EIZ is not part of the procurement process, the new PPP model of contracting in the roads construction sector will still require engineers who must be affiliated to the institution and follow the set standards, failure to which they risk facing punitive measures as prescribed in the EIZ act.

Last week, Infrastructure and Urban Development Minister Charles Milupi attributed the poor state of some roads such as the Nakonde-Mbala road and some roads in Lusaka that have failed prematurely despite being recently worked on under the previous regime, to the model of contracts used that did not ensure quality works are delivered.


  1. Quality is related to contractors competence, road specifications and quality of supervision. Not sure if the above makes sense to a contractor with a good reputation to protect

  2. I totally agree with the EIZ…this is a much better way to get our vital infrastructure up to modern and lasting standards.I would like to suggest that the very capable Minister,Hon. Charles Milupi takes time to visit Kenya and Uganda as soon as possible to see how our Kenyan and Ugandan friends have a made a success of the PPP model in the development of the new game changing expressways.The Nairobi one is NOT just a ka flyover bridge like the PF built,its 27 kilometres long stretching from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport through the CBD and outwards into the suburbs.
    As we speak Kenya is hosting an international motor sport event,the World Rally Championship (WRC) which is being staged around the Naivasha area…traffic is flowing nicely despite the huge crowds….all the hotels…

  3. My proposal is that as soon as the New Dawn Govt locks down the Lusaka- Ndola dual carriageway contract,they should start planning for another PPP,for the Lusaka-Livingstone dual carriageway…this is the only way we can change our country and its economy for good….imagine what it will do for our domestic tourism and the agricultural industry…..

    Ba EIZ,please continue to push for game changing projects like these…

  4. PPP on the other side is a conduit for corruption by smooth criminals. The contractor builds a road and put toll gates and collects money for 35 years while the government officials have a percentage of that until time of handover. No single coin will enter the government coffers in these 35 years and the government that will sign will be long gone.
    Get a loan and build and recover the cost from Toll fees.

  5. Ok enough with the yapping and this kind of bureaucracy Lets get into action. I just want the road myself. That’s why I vote in people and vote out useless people

  6. PPP every road in the country and every motorists will be paying a dozen times just to get to city ,,,that is absolute day light robbery,,,why do you pay road tax?

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