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HH has betrayed Alliance partners, insists Nason Msoni


All Peoples Congress President Nason Msoni has described the conduct of the UPND leadership as betrayal to abandon alliance partners after forming government.

Responding to the UPND Alliance chairman, Charles Milupi’s statement suggesting that the alliance political parties are well represented in cabinet by five people who have been appointed to cabinet, Mr. Msoni said in so far as matters stand it is only two principal alliance partners who are in cabinet.

He named alliance Chairman Charles Milupi and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) president Felix Mutati as the only people appointed from a 12 member alliance partners.

“Principals of the alliance cannot be relegated in preference for ordinary members of the alliance. That’s not how the principles of alliances ought to function. And so what is exactly the role of other alliance partners, to just escort others and not to be part of government?” Mr. Msoni wondered.

He said Mr. Milupi as a beneficiary should not justify wrong doings by the UPND leadership as doing so was betrayal of the alliance partners.

“We think that the chairman shouldn’t justify wrongdoings by the UPND leadership. In an ideal selfless political arrangement all the 12 principals (Presidents) of the alliance must be in cabinet,” he said.

Mr. Msoni said when the UPND decided and engaged other political parties to work with them ahead of the 12th August, 2021, election they were willing and committed to share responsibilities.

“When you decide to work with others you must be willing to share responsibilities with them and that was the principal agreement. It is obvious to all of us that there is no consultation with alliance partners who are not in government,” said Mr. Msoni.


  1. It’s better you find something else to do. You don’t always need a government portfolio to contribute to national development, just like there are no positions for everyone. Your alliance was an exercise to escort HH to State House. Now that he’s there your job is finished. Don’t bring negative energy. To be honest I also can’t see which role you can play in this Government. I think you should just join Panji in Malawi as Deputy High Commissioner

  2. Very dull f00ls. We warned them before the election. They didn’t listen. Used and thrown away like a condom. Be clever and join pf now because 2026 we are winning

    • In 2026, HH goes clear again, increasing his parliamentary majority while the PF and SP scramble for remaining seats. PF lost all goodwill with the people.

  3. Is it not sad to see grown men literally fighting over government jobs? Frankly, UPND would have won those elections without being in any alliance. These alliances are only for optics.

  4. This idea of supporting a presidential candidate expecting a job in return is retrogressive. One should support a presidential candidate because you believe in that candidate’s vision for country. Abash politics of poverty

  5. The purpose of forming an alliance is also to govern together and not to be ignored and running things only your way without consulting the alliance that helped you win. This happens in all democratic countries who form alliances to beat a sitting president. They are given a chance t join the governing and that is why they supported it. They are not just voters like me and you !!!

    • Those countries have it written down in constitution. A coalition government needs to follow laws.
      In Zambia, no such law exists. And ideally, in fairness, what did Nason Msoni bring to the UPND? Probably less than 100 votes country wide.
      If his claims that he must be given a position, and not just a position but a cabinet position, must be honored, then we must have made everyone with a joke of a party as minister? He slams former NDC president’s appointment as PS as nonsensical.
      If the PF offer that man a role on the Central Committee, he will easily go there.
      His political drive is clear.

  6. here you are wrong Nason…a clever strategist does no go into an alliance to be appointed he gives names of ordinary members of his party to be appointed in the wining team…how does a whole ‘president’ of a party ‘fight’ for a cabinet position? Yours would have been to continue to offer checks and balances but as president of your parties…To accept to be a Minister when you are a president is a no no…ofcourse everyone knows one of the reasons someone accepted the position was to ensure that the purchase and supply agreement was restored with zesco…next are the famous ppp’s…but hey its just another day in paradise…

  7. Those who were in the so called alliance for selfish reasons and nor really to serve the public don’t deserve any appointment. It’s good that their motives have come to the fore and that they are not appointed otherwise they would have been busy just thinking of how to enrich themselves instead of service to the public.

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