Zambia Police has not made progress in finding the mobile money agent Pamela Chisumpa

UPND Monze member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu

Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwiimbu has disclosed that the police have not made progress in finding the mobile money agent Pamela Chisumpa who was allegedly abducted in April this year along Cairo Road, Lusaka.

Responding to a follow Question by Shiwang’andu Member in Parliament after a Ministerial Statement, Mr. Mwiimbu said no serious headways have been made is locating Pamela.

Mr Mwiimbu said that 8 people were arrested in connection to the case but 4 were released after further investigations.

Mr. Mwiimbu stated that the four that remained are facing theft charges and are not directly linked to the abduction.

Mr. Mwiimbu has, however, said that Zambia Police is aware that Pamela is alive because of some communication that is taking place.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwiimbu has warned of stern action against any member(s) of the public who would be found giving false information to the police on any case of abduction.


  1. Of course you haven’t. You are a government of failures iwe chi ugly mwimbu. Ok I know I am not most attractive man in zambia but uyu Jack mubi!

  2. I’m not surprised because Mwami 1 has concentrated his efforts on 3 duties alone: 1. to find cases with vocal PF members and lock them up; 2. to track all those that utter anything derogatory about the Great Leader; and 3. to follow instructions from UPND cadres. So we don’t expect anything serious from him on other crimes. They don’t rank in the priority category. Private investigators concentrate their efforts on infidelity cases because that’s where the money is as jilted lovers are willing to spend more to punish their opponents. ZP is slowly turning Zambia into a laughing-stock.

  3. Looking more like a case of

    ” victim involved abduction ”

    Where the alleged victim is part of the abduction…………..

  4. The new level of incompetence of our security wings is incredible. Will Zambia now become like Nigeria where kidnapping is big business and the order of the day? This issue actually requires that the President address this matter to the nation and give it assurances for action. Not this pathetic press statement which one should actually be embarrassed to make.

  5. Thefts have increased in townships and so far I haven’t seen the police solving even one theft. So I don’t expect them to solve such a a complicated case.

  6. @Ndoleshyafye , on point. This looks like that is were where we are heading to. And we really should be scared, very scared.

  7. Infact they should leave Pam’s case, She is alive and safe, Just concentrate on plunderers cases, the law to enter into an agreement with plunderers should be scrapped. And also start checking all yards for Zebras and other wild animals, start from there. There is nothing like incompetence on Police here, this is a new crime

  8. 1. Establish the radius of the call with the help of ZICTA, MTN, AIRTEL or ZAMTEL. 2. Close the main city routes and place road blocks searching all passengers in motor vehicles and those passing by. 3. At the same time, conduct door to door house searches including interviews. 4. Issue a reward for anyone with information leading to her capture, I would suggest an amount twice as high as the abductors wanted to allow for them to turn on each other. 5. Interview her family extensively to remove the possibility that it could be a scam. Thank me later.

  9. Of course they haven’t its still the same police of 10 years ago nothing has changed they can not do basic forensic work and detective work…we are still waiting on the whereabouts of that girl who stole money from a commercial bank vault. ZP needs urgent branch and root reforms….you cannot always rely on tip offs and torturing suspects.

  10. This one is beyond them. Thefts have increased in townships and so far I haven’t seen the police solving even one theft. So I don’t expect them to solve such a a complicated case.

  11. Not in the least surprising – considering the police have their hands full arresting innocents on contrived nonsensical charges of tribalism whilst real hardened criminals are left to carry on. It’s a lopsided world where criminals can expect to be left alone as long as they don’t upset a certain clique. Where are the criminals who gassed people, those that killed the young man – Lawrence and the rest of all the unsolved nasties??? Are we lost on priorities?

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