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The UPND Government is being vengeful-Kambwili


Patriotic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee Chishimba Kambwili has said his recent arrest over the offence of expressing hatred and ridicule for persons because of tribe and place of origin is politically motivated.

Dr. Kambwili was apprehended by Police in Lusaka on Monday and transported to Kasama by road where he was detained until Thursday when the Magistrate Court granted him bail.

The former Chief Government spokesperson in the PF regime was granted a K50, 000 bail pending trial on Thursday after being charged with the offence of expressing hatred and ridicule for persons because of tribe and place of origin by Police.

Speaking to journalists and supporters after appearing before Kasama Resident Magistrate Samson Mumba, Dr. Kambwili said the UPND Government was being vengeful.

He said the New Dawn Government leadership must show true leadership by facilitating sincere healing in the nation after the last August elections.

Dr. Kambwili said he was not shaken by arrests because he is used.

The NDC founding President said UPND should stop repeating the mistake of mistreating opponents that was seen from previous governments.

“They are the ones who preach that when a person is arrested they must be given police bond.If I have broken the law, yes I am not above the law they can arrest me and take me to court. I am not refusing that but apprehending me in Lusaka and transporting me to Kasama, moving me the whole night. Locking me up for four days without a police bond is not fair. The arresting officer sent from Lusaka who was supposed to deal with my police bond application was elusive. They are just repeating what used to happen in the past. Mwebamunyinane Ubutungulushi kumwena umuntu mu fichitwa fyakwe.Umuntu nga cakweba ati alecita abanankwe ifyo bamucitile ninshi tentungulushi and mwe bena Zambia mumone ukuti ilyo mulesala mulesala intungulushi,” Dr. Kambwili said in an unusually low tone.

“Umuntu nganakwata icilandushi tentungulushi isuma. Ine ifyo napitamo mu ma politics ukunkaka, ukunjikata 14 times I can tell you about the people of Zambia. I can never ever do that to another human being no matter how much we can differ. Nomba nga mwamona intungulushi shelecita ba Garry Nkombo balibekete, uyu munyinane nomba permanent secretary nani uyu? Mucheleka (Patrick), ba HH bene balibekete, Matambo (Elisha) bali mwikate. Ilya pain baumfwile ukubeketa no ku batwala mu fifungo tabafwile ukweba ukuti na banabo balapitamo. Nga mwalacita ico mwe bamunyinane ninshi tamuli ntungulushi. Ifi ifyakwikata abantu no kubabika mu cifungo as a way of intimidating opponents must come to an end,” he said.

Dr. Kambwili warned that political power was temporary.

“This country needs proper healing. Healing and we must be truthful to one another ilyo tulecita ifintu so ine teti nsakamane ifi mwampishamo nalibelela. Nomba ico mufwile ukwishiba nga imwe lelo mwafumamo. I used to tell previous governments ifi mulecita naimwe kuti baisa micita ififine. People didn’t listen, futi naimwe efyo mwayamba ukucita fimo fine ba UPND. Ndemyumfwila uluse no bulanda. Mukashukefye nganine na ba President ine teti ncite ifi pantu fyabuwelewele. Political power is very temporary, use it to advance the well being of the people and create an enabling environment where people can live well and don’t go to bed hungry. If you feel that you can intimidate me politically ine nalishimpula ngo musunga mfwaya fye ukwa kusha umutwe,” Dr. Kambwili said.


  1. Stop addressing the man as Dr! That’s an honorary doctorate and does not qualify him as a Dr please.


  3. My brother comrade doctor, you are right. Hh is a very vengeful man who is still upset about his bruised ego following numerous elections defeats. He refused to recognise ecl as president yet ecl recognises him. He is a very childish boy who will not last. Already many Zambians are complaining about all the lies he promised

  4. Why do we entertain this thing? this man is so desperate to become president because he is addicted of corruption and he feels his turn will come to inflict pain on others. Nip the thing in the bud otherwise it will lead us astray. The one who shouts tribal the loudest is indeed the tribalist.

  5. Really laughable…its the same thing for this buffoon whether he is PF or UPND or NDC…his mouth is a big problem. This is one individual I wouldnt mind if he is put away for a long time…he is bad for our democracy. I read Chella’s diaries on FB I understand this man is a big coward in prison…typical CB man big mouth but when sh%t hits the fan he cowers into a corner and start pointing fingers. Dont be surprised if he goes back to UPND just to cut a deal or Fred’s fake Socialist Party.

    • Iwe Chi Tarino what do u mean typical CB man. We people of the CB are the champions of the Zambian nation. Without our courage, our nationalism, our progtessive and tribeless mindset there would have been no Zambia. Finshi ulelanda?Ichindike. Most of you in Lusaka and surrounding rural areas were sleepy manipulable tree huggers. We liberated you

  6. If this govt is any saavy they should just ignore him and his rantings …that’s his tactic when he knows it wont go well in courts he becomes desperate as he fears prison and loves to eat like a p!g….another reason why PF should not let this man stand for presidency he will sell the party just to save his fatty skin with no remorse whatsoever. That Nija bobo Seer 1 was right about this man; he is a big foooool.

    • Evidence for convicting only those UPND have a bone to pick with? Its not justice. Its Vengeastice. Not to say Kambwili is innocent but justice isnt supposed to be selective

    • Waba something…. Kambwili may have been a minister but he’s still below my class. By the way I have just listened to the ranting of Buumba and I believe she must share the dock with Kambwili.

  7. Its a weak case to arrest anyone on. They cant arrest thieves but they are after abamulomo. They are just trying to witch hunt. Kambwili isnt my favorite politician but UPND are just showing us they really have no plan. How come they cant arrest Kambwili himself over those houses he was accused of having corruptly obtained? But they arrest him for defamation? Atase!

  8. CK and his virulent tribal rhetoric on our airwaves would have fitted in well with the hutus in the lead to the Rwanda massacre……….

  9. Its not being vengeful ecl warned and advised you to watch what emits from your mouth nomba you dont listen all the best ask the CBL aka chicken dozer he is feeing the pain of paying fees to lawyers for senseless things he himself institutes…sometimes you need to introspect and rethink the direction you want your life to head to you are not growing any younger

  10. Listen to that speech, Kambwili trying to act sober. The things polictics presents to us on its stage awe mwe!

  11. Govt of pettiness and arrests with no convictions. I’m so embarrassed. Same thing will happen to them. Watch!

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