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Investigate cases thoroughly before effecting arrests – President Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema has called on the law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties thoroughly and professionally in an effort to regain public confidence.

President Hichilema observed that some cases being handled by the law enforcers do not go beyond conviction, which has become of public concern.

The Head of State therefore challenged the law enforcement agencies to ensure that they carry out thorough investigations before making arrests, which will convince the public in governments’ effort to fight corruption in the country.

President Hichilema said this during a swearing-in ceremony of 19 senior government officials who included the Anti-Corruption Commission Board, Human Rights Commissioners, the Police Public Complaints Commissioner, Judicial Complaints Commissioners and Diplomats, at State House.

The Head of State implored the appointed officials to serve the public with diligence and efficiently in their individual capacity and collectively as a team to meet the expectations of the Zambian people.

He reiterated government’s commitment to ensuring that there is an improved governance record in the country.

President Hichilema urged the different agencies to work together and bring reforms that will enhance the governance of Zambia.

“These appointments therefore come at the right time when we have embarked on a new trajectory of our country in all sectors,” President Hichilema stated.

Addressing the newly sworn-in Police Public Complaints Commission Chairperson Zunga Siakalima, the Head of State wants his government to open the economy 24/7 where factories are able to operate at any time without citizens fearing for their safety during night time.

President Hichilema further expects the Human Rights Commission to be proactive and ensure that the rights of people are safeguarded.

He also told the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate cases and ensure that when a matter is taken to court, it will be convicted so that citizens are convinced with the Commission’s mandate.

For the Judicial Complaints Commission, President Hichilema stressed the need for the country to be run on the constitution rather than placing others above the law.

He says it is unfortunate that sometimes the Zambian people have had their rights infringed on due to the slow processes by the judicial system.

And he also urged the Diplomats to create opportunities for citizens within the country and also look after the welfare of citizens in the diaspora.

Meanwhile, newly conferred State Counsel Mulambo Haimbe assured that he will provide guidance to the legal profession and help in developing the law and the sector to benefit the general public.

HRC Vice Chairperson Pamela Samboa said the Commission will engage various law enforcement agencies to ensure that the rights of people are not taken away.

Others who were sworn in include Musa Mwenya as ACC Board Chairperson, Henry Mbushi as State Counsel, Gilbert Phiri as ACC Director General and Isabelle Lemba as Ambassador.

Others include Elias Mushya as Zambia’s High Commissioner Designate in the Commonwealth of Australia, Patricia Kondolo as Zambia’s Ambassador in Italy, while Syvester Mundanda serves as Zambia’s Ambassador Designate to the Kingdom of Belgium.


  1. Mr president, this is called beating the system. These so called lawmakers used all the loopholes to ensure the stealing appeared as genuine as possible. You need to assign private investigators on the judiciary because these fat cats are the real problem. They are all eating together in one room.

  2. F00lish president. What has he achieved apart from just talking and flying around the world in a jet he criticised

  3. Elias Munshya sang many praises and he’s been rewarded, such a shameless individual. Mr. President I feel sorry for law enforcement agencies because your pronouncements are actions don’t tally. It’s now UPND cadres that order who to arrest. There’s a lady that’s been in police custody for over a week without any charge or bond because it’s your Party cadres that called for her arrest. Police officers are afraid to do anything because they don’t want to be fired. This is obviously not good. This isn’t the rule of Law that you promised. If you want these officers to perform please free them from political interference. Please open your eyes and see things in their right perspective.

  4. Elias Munshya has gone to Oz…I thought he didnt want any jobs and was doing well as a lawyer …anyway we will miss him on TV BAKWETU

  5. “HH7 has called on the law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties thoroughly and professionally in an effort to regain public confidence.”
    This is wishful thinking even if you change the top brass the footsoldiers the officers on the ground in these departments are rotten to core…just look at how ZP has struggled to cleanse Traffic cops? You need serious reforms …the same officers who were getting bribes last week can not change tomorrow.

  6. I commend the statement by HH. Failure to prosecute makes the process a joke. Now, lets get to work.

  7. Kainyokolile Zulu, jealous na tribalism viza ku nyokolola the kanamunungu ka muntu wena.

  8. Even Edgar Lungu preached the same. What will count at the end of the day is very strong will from the President.
    Actions such as publicly asking the police to investigate whether Gary committed an offence by forcing someone to drink alcohol.
    The president should publicly interfere by condemning the police for keeping people in police cells without charging them and taking them to court.
    A word of caution to the police IG would be more than welcome. We saw Lungu, albeit in his last month’s in power, threaten the IG’s job after the death of Kunda and Nsama.
    Alternatively, we need to find a way of having IG be elected by the people or other officers. We see this with the sheriffs of the US. What’s the need for having centralized police? I understand centralized army, but police?

    • What is the role of IG if the president is involve in such petty matters. Well trained officers know there roles, they need not be told what to do … Or wait to be told what to do. .. However releasing suspects (criminals) without bound addresses is a RISK

  9. The PF and their gangs of tribal supremacists had 10 years to rundown the financial investigative capacities of law enforcement…………..

    Building , retraining and renewing is happening now………….

    There will be no hiding places……….

  10. President HH’s directive to Security Agents to conduct thorough investigations before effecting arrests of people is timely. But Zambians are sceptical about his public statements that do not much with disciplining of erring Ministers, Police IG, Directors of DEC and ACC. Govt spends according to approved BUDGET-LNES. The Auditor General’s Office has a big challenge of taking the Police to task to explain the budget-line it draws money to transport alleged offenders to Sesheke, Kaoma, Lukulu, Solwezi, (Itezhi Tezhi?), Kasama for crimes allegedly committed in Lusaka etc. What economic & political wisdom is the UPND projecting to international funders of its Govt budget? IG Kajoba is No.1 lethal killer of HH’s integrity. Or else President HH is merely appeasing the World Bank officials…

  11. IG Kajoba features a the No.1 lethal killer of HH’s political integrity. Or else President HH can be taken as a way of projecting his style of merely appeasing the World Bank and IMF officials visiting the country. It is said that ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER.

    • That’s because Oz is not high up on the list of donor countries even RSA and India is up there …when have you seen any Zambian President visiting Oz or vice versa?

  12. This is a good call by the president. However he was part of the problem by mentioning and convicting people on press conferences.. So the ACC would just act on what the president said without investigating. When they arrest then they ask a person what wrong he has done or who bought you that shirt or house.. It was very embarrassing

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