Friday, June 14, 2024

Quickly resolve obstacles in disbursement of empowerment funds to communities – ZANAMAC


The Zambia National Marketeers Credit Association (ZANAMAC) has appealed to the government through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and other Ministries to quicken facilitating the process of resolving issues of disbursement of funds meant for empowerment programmes.

ZANAMACA President, Mupila Kameya said resources such as the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) should be unblocked so that the association can also access the funds to implement the transformational and game changing initiatives for youth unemployment .

Mr Kameya said the association with its strategic partners have designed a youth job creation initiative using mobile technology to formalize some specially selected members of the informal sector in order to track youth job creation .

He said the Digital Graduation of Informal Sector entrepreneurs (DIGISE) is aimed at creating more jobs for youths in a short period of time within five years.

Mr Kameya said that the objective of the Programme entails digital entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer ,formalization of enterprises and acceleration of the informal sector of their growth with already identified interventions.

He urged the government and donor community to support the association by providing resources to launch a programme that is creative , practical , innovative and critical to create massive job creation.

Mr Kameya noted that as an association believes that most practical and effective channel for fast tracking the creation of formal jobs ,and working together with government and cooperating partners.

“We understand the informal sector in general and we know the needs of its various sub sectors and which informal sectors can be formalized because we have presence throughout the Country so the formalization of informal entrepreneurship cannot be a challenge to us once the resources are available,” he said.

Mr Kameya said that the association has numbers, the Knowledge and the technology to create youth jobs and all that is needed is the resources to make the initiatives a reality.


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