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Zambian Breweries plans to invest $80m in its Lusaka plant

Economy Zambian Breweries plans to invest $80m in its Lusaka plant

Zambian Breweries plans to invest $80m in its Lusaka plant which is expected to double production capacity over the next 18 months.

Zambian Breweries Country Director Michelle Kilpin said that the capital investment is supported by the enabling investment and trade climate under the New Dawn Administration.

Ms. Kilpin said the investment, scheduled to be completed by the end of next year is expected to create more direct and indirect jobs and expand the company’s agriculture out-grower schemes.

Ms Kilpin said that this will offer further procurement opportunities for local suppliers and service providers and contribute additional tax revenue to government.

Ms. Kilpin added that the investment will enhance the company’s beer production capacity and significantly contribute to the wider national economy.

She said this in a statement to the media.

And Zambian Breweries Board Chairperson Monica Musonda said the new investment is another demonstration of the company’s long-term commitment and contribution to Zambia.


  1. Where’s our resident lu.natic Kaizer chakuti to come issue a brain dead comment? I find him amusing.

  2. So they should! Their product is the reason we have many useless failures in this country, who blame pf for their own failures.


  4. I love KZ as he makes most bloggers awake . Last week Ido not what happened to Lusaka Times as it was not on line and I personally missed him. Keep them on their feet my brother as the thought being in ruling government is day dreaming.

  5. 80 Million dollars in booze! Imagine if an investor put 80 Million US dollars in football! or in Music or in Zambia Railways

  6. What investment naimwe. She came on the way from Racist South Africa to brew Chibuku there. And besides , she didnt bring a single cent there, this is the money that they have taking to South Africa all along from the profits there. Its not like she will bring $80 million from South Africa no, these Afrikaners are just like the Chinese too. The only real investors are those from EU. US and Japan. and perhaps Canada South Korea. These others are just chancers like us, with no money but looking for an opportunity to steal from whoever is still sleeping.

  7. Apartheid money is not money, its like Blood diamonds money. its tainted with people’s lives. Remember the Sharpsville masacre on June 16 in Soweto? this is money.

  8. She also says their investment is in line with the new dawn administration goals, But madam, i havent listened to HH and his ministers since inaugauration and non of them has mentioned a thing about supporting Alcohol. Infact , this GRZ must be actually anti-intoxicating substances. If anything Gary Nkombo was the other day shutting down shebeens and making brewers suspected of adding poisonous substances to their brew to test their own medicine. He should have visited you too madam-Those animal fats which you add to Chibuku can cos diabeties or heart attacks/

  9. This is where lungu would get confused, in a brewery , and think it is 80 million jobs being created………..

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