Monday, June 17, 2024

DEC takes possession of 15 “abandoned” houses in State Lodge


The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has taken possession of 15 houses in New Kasama Area in Lusaka, believed to be owned by Esther Nyawa Tembo.

DEC Spokesman Mathias Kamanga said the houses that are complete and ready for occupation are believed to have been abandoned and the Commission has since taken possession of them.

The Commission is however yet to establish who Esther Nyawa Tembo is.

The Commission is calling on the said person to bring their documentation to prove ownership of the property.


  1. Seizing property without any legal backing to do so. They will then lose this case and cost tax payers millions. They are too excited and want to show their useless hh that they are working, but it will backfire. You cannot intervene in private property ownership in a capitalist state

  2. It is now a crime to be hardworking and to own anything in zambia unless you are hh or a upnd official.

  3. No one can build in state lodge without authority from state house so these houses have some connection with the previous occupier of state house.

  4. What bothers me is that sentence in the statement that ” Commission is however yet to establish who Esther Nyawa Tembo is?” Surely if you are going to apply for possession of property then you should know who this lady is…this is why you take weak cases to court and complain when the Judges throw them out.

    • On this page we’re together. The person should by now been at the DEC offices answering questions.

  5. @3, this is annoying. Firstly, how does land that size get sold without council records? Secondly, whatever happened to having a cursory glance at ministry of lands? There should be records of owners, their address, NRC copies and indeed information on their lawyers or land surveyors.
    Further, the statement that the houses are ready for occupation infers electricity and water have been applied for. By whom?
    DEC is behaving as incompetent as ACC when they rushed to make an announcement that a councillor had bought a bank.
    Fudge’s sake! Do some basic investigations, and then make an announcement to the public.
    How did they even come across these properties? Are they scrolling around,
    “Oh, this is abandoned, we have seized it, we have made an announcement, who owns this? It’s…

  6. There was stealing on an industrial scale under lungu………

    These aboundoned houses and trucks found in zambia are just crumbs , compared to what is hidden in SA , Dubai even the UK and the USA…………..

    Especially in SA…………..

    When all is done and said , GRZ will have to engage international recovery experts………….

  7. Yes, these are the proceeds of crime during the pf era. Let the ‘Nyawa’ lady come forth and make stake her claim and all will be settled. But as Zambians, we do know that the pf era was one whole orgy of resource looting approved at the highest levels of govt. It is time to pay back to the same state they looted from.

  8. The other nternet media has given us Esther’s identity by going to the UNZA graduation list to show us she is the same person who graduated there. I guess they will give us an NRC from State House soon

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