Low number of bursary, skills training applications under CDF irks Kakubo


Kapiri Mposhi Constituency Member of Parliament (MP), Stanley Kakubo is displeased by the low number of applications for Secondary and Boarding School Bursaries and Skills Development under the 2022 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in the Constituency.

Mr Kakubo is particularly disappointed to note that the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) committee has not received any application from some wards in the Constituency for bursary and skills training support.

The law maker is further irked to learn that only 58 pupils and 76 students applied for Secondary School Boarding Bursaries and Skills Training respectively across the district despite a high number of eligible pupils and students requiring support in the area.

During the CDF Committee Meeting to approve funding and shortlist applications for projects for appraisal under the 2022 CDF Mr Kakubo wondered how the funds allocated for purposes of helping those who cannot manage to pay for their education and skills training will be utilized if beneficiaries are not applying.

” There is no way we should fail to find children and students in the Constituency to use this money. We are not just doing more to sensitise the people on the availability and how they can access this money, it’s like we are very relaxed,” Mr Kakubo said.

The MP has since directed the Ward Development Committees (WDC) and councilors in all the 18 wards of the Constituency to go out and sensitise members of the public on CDF for more people to access funding through education support and grants for them to improve their livelihoods.

” Some wards don’t have even one name … If you are not interested in this program then that’s the departure.. it means you are not with this government,” Mr Kakubo said.

Meanwhile, 39 pupils have been awarded Secondary School Bursaries while 52 students have been granted Skills Training Development funds under the 2022 first quarter CDF allocation in Kapiri Mposhi Constituency.

The CDF Committee has since approved the disbursement of K39, 000 and K 160,000 to the beneficiary pupils and students respectively against over K1, 2 million allocated for both School Bursaries and Skills Training Development in the first quarter.

And 118 out of 223 applications received for projects under the 2022 CDF in the Constituency have been shortlisted for technical for technical appraisal.


  1. YEs Kaizer you ve aleast said something sensible. It very true that that money doesnt exist, but also what you forgot to mention is that “It does not exist, in your head”. Kindly pls rephrase your sentence.thankyou!

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