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Criminals allegedly Steal property valued at K619,450 from Mobile City


Unknown criminals have allegedly stolen property valued at K619,450 from Mobile City Zambia Limited Shop in Kitwe.

Copperbelt Province Police Commanding Officer Sharon Zulu has confirmed that unknown people broke into Mobile City Zambia Limited, Town Shop No. 5 situated on Independence Avenue, Kitwe in the early hours of Saturday and stole K326,450 cash, several phones and DVR.

Ms. Zulu narrateded that the robbers broke into the shop through the roof.

The criminals further walked away with company documents that include, tax certificates from the Zambia Revenue Authority, Council documents, cheque books, company vehicle white book and PACRA documents.

She has told journalists in Ndola that the Shop Manager reported the incident to the police after being alerted by the private security.

Police have opened an inquiry into the matter with no arrests nor recoveries made so far.

“Breaking into a building and committing a felony therein, occurred on 02/07/22 between 02:40hours and 03:30hours. In which male Matola Parson aged 36 of House No. 6 William Street Nkana West, Kitwe also the Manager at Mobile City Zambia,Town Shop,5 situated along Independence Avenue, Kitwe. He reported that at about 03:50hours he received a phone call from Armsecure Security Company saying the alarm had gone on,” Ms. Zulu said.

“He immediately informed the overall Manager Mr. Abdul Muhammad who advised that he rushes to the shop to check what had been stolen. Upon reaching the K326,450 cash money. 03 x iphone 13 promax (512GB) valued at K27,000 each, 02 x iphone 13 Pro (256GB) valued at K23,500 each, 04 x Samsung S22 Ultra (512GB) valued at K24,000 each, 02 x Samsung S22 Ultra (256GB) valued at K21,500 each, 01 x Samsung S22 Plus valued at K19,000, DVR valued at K5,000 were missing.”

Ms. Zulu confirmed that K326,450 cash had not been banked for the last 12 days and was secured in the counter drawer.

“Company documents, ZRA documents, Council documents, cheque books, company vehicle white book and PACRA documents. The total value of the stolen property is K619,450. Police rushed to the crime scene and discovered that the criminals gained entry and exited through the roof. The money had also not been banked for the last 12 days and was secured in the counter drawer.”

A docket of case has been opened, no arrests or recoveries made,” Ms. Zulu committed.


  1. What are the police doing in Kitwe. Of late we have seen a lot of thefts. We need quality in policing not quantity. A huge number of Officers are busy chasing after vehicles so that they can extort money over simple offenses.

  2. You criminals are targetting the wrong people …please target MPs who will soon be getting $120,000 car loans..these guys will be buying Range Rovers and Land Rovers Discoverys. Steal from them!!

  3. Police in zambia are useless at fighting crime but excellent at harassing opposition politicians no matter whoever is in power.

  4. This is the lawless stench left over from 10yrs of PF thuggery,criminality and lawlessness. Mukula logs were being stolen left and right.

  5. The police are waiting for donations like was the case in my home town rather then people building homes in Lusaka hosting zebras instead of investing back in the constituency you serve

  6. The criminals worked with somebody inside. There’s no justification for keeping money in a drawer for such a long time . Arm Secure alarms trigger immediately there’s intrusion and they alert you by phone simultaneously. Why was there a lapse in time? Something fishy

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