Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit receives US$5.3 million for drought insurance


Government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has received a payout totaling US$ 5.3 million dollars from the premium contributions made for drought insurance.

DMMU National Coordinator, Gabriel Pollen said drought insurance is one of the interventions by the government to respond efficiently to communities affected by disasters, particularly drought.

Speaking to journalists after undertaking an assessment of the scale of devastation caused during the just ended rain season in Ndola’s Mbwana mkubwa constituency, Dr. Pollen said the government is trying to move away from the welfare type of narrative towards economic expedience where communities become independent from government support.

He explained that the government is doing this by encouraging resettled communities to tap into empowerment programmes being offered by the government under different Ministries and engaging in productive economic activities and contributing to the country’s growth.

“DMMU’s objective is to optimize resource use and what this means is that the department is undergoing a radical fundamental shift on how public resources are being utilized.

This implies that we are pumping resources towards disaster risk prevention as opposed to response,” he said.

Dr.Pollen emphasized that the new dawn government will not impose solutions which are external to resettled communities.

Meanwhile, Dr.Pollen has disclosed that his department is engaging displaced communities who want to be resettled and land is being secured under resettlement which is under the office of the Vice President.

He said government is working closely with communities and the local authorities to implement long term solutions through better campaign initiatives to help communities build more resilient structures.

He said the department has observed that the collapse of houses during the rainy season has become a recurring problem because of the weakness in institutions that have governed the way in which settlements are established.


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