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A Timely betrayal: The latest Kalundanya Music Promotions hit lauding accolades on President Hakainde Hichilema


By Nkonkomalimba Kafunda

The latest Kalundanya Music Promotions hit, superlatively lauding accolades on President Hakainde Hichilema has been revered and reviled in equal measure.

Revered by Patriotic Front acolytes and similarly, guidable simpletons used to catchy tunes previously belted out at PF functions to their great delight and uncontrollable jollification, prone to foolishly casting their ballots on the basis of a fine, easy gyrate to the melody. Naively, to them, the new song is validation that music transcends politics and can be used as a unified of a highly polarised nation.

Reviled by those who abhor treachery and view the artists with suspicion, misgivings and revulsion that with their meal ticket in tatters a new source of nourishment commensurate with PF offerings is desperately required. The UPND is seen as that much sought-after soup kitchen.

While Zambians may reluctantly forgive, they will not forget the uncomplimentary utterances of these artists against the current president and the ruling party, with one artist infamously proclaiming he was more popular than HH to the extent that he would defeat the then opposition leader in a by-election.

There is a lot at stake so it is only logical that the musicians and their producers/promoters switch allegiance at all costs. For one, their undeserved lives of excess, extravagance, exuberance and opulence have come to a screeching halt. Maybe the UPND can be partial to a couple of melodious admiration anthems and the new tune is proof of concept.

Secondly, many artists obtained empowerment funds from the sport and arts ministry with no intention of paying back, a practice perfectly acceptable in the previous government but frowned upon by the UPND. The funds, the new dawn administration keeps annoyingly reminding the belligerent artists, were loans, not grants.

It follows, therefore, that abandoning the sinking boat (pun intended) was the best of limited options.

It is not inconceivable that the musicians will be hired and paid to perform at UPND functions. Additionally, a localized form of debt restructuring can be arranged for the non-performing, defaulting loanees. In other words, this was a necessary, well-calculated, timely betrayal. There was, in their estimation, no point in waiting for a political obituary.

Entertainers, as a rule, are not known for their loyalty, honour and devotion. It should be no surprise, then, that they have been brave enough to be cowards. Shame and public ridicule are minor considerations when it comes to how some musicians butter their bread.


  1. The author is clearly a frustrated angry disappointed upnd cadre, who is reeling from the lack of fulfilled promises by his demigod HH. If you have nothing better to wrote then better you go to your village in southern province and go talk to your cows. F00Iish

  2. #1. Indeed, We are yet to discover a term that best describes the behaviour or character of some of our so called artists or Musicians than “Sebana wikute” they have no principles except to eat.

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